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Dbol is an extremely famous steroid that is widely used all over the world for its amazing physique and performance enhancement properties. Anyone searching for steroids for such purposes most likely heard about Dianabol (most bodybuilders tend to call it by its short name Dbol). The active substance is Methandienone (Methandrostenolone) and many people may have heard that this compound is great when comes to increasing strength levels and making you huge and muscular.

Nonetheless, not everyone is familiar with this compound, and especially beginners are interested in how this compound works as well as reading other people’s Dbol reviews in order to know what to expect.

  • First thing to keep in mind is that in order to get good effectiveness from the compound you’ve got to use a real and high quality Methandrostenolone product. Dbol is only effective as long as you use actual steroid and of a high quality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers selling fake and counterfeit products not containing Methandienone at all.

That’s one of the reasons why you may find negative Dbol reviews saying that the compound is ineffective. Anyone who used real Dbol can agree – this cannot be an ineffective product.

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  • Other than that, you may get under dosed or under quality product. You do get Methandrostenolone (Dbol) but you think you get 10 mg of it from a 10 mg pill, but in reality you get less, obviously, with such a scenario – you won’t get benefits expected.

You may find people sayingDianabol is expensive. That’s only as long as you use sources that charge huge prices for Dbol.

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  • Another thing to take in consideration is that there are fakes that are not only ineffective, they may be dangerous. Depending on what’s exactly in those pills, you may get side effects. So, you could find Dbol reviews suggesting that the compound has too much side effects. One of the reason why, it could be due to those people getting fake – dangerous products, not actual methandienone.


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But the most common scenario about Dbol reviews and people saying that the compound is too dangerous and offering too much side effects is because they haven’t followed the administration guidelines.

When you never used Dianabol and you start with a too high dosage, your body cannot tolerate it, obviously, side effects would appear. In order to stay away from side effects is essential for you to use Dbol properly. There are various methods that you should follow in order to stay away from them. Adding liver protective compounds, anti estrogens and a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan are just a few crucial moments that you’ve got to add during a Dbol cycle.

Use Dianabol properly and learn how to do it and this way, you would get amazing effects from it.

There are good reasons why Dbol ended up being the most famous and widely used steroid for growing lean muscle mass and getting strong. After all, such bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva including various others used Dianabol to get to their best shape.


In the end, you can notice that most Dbol reviews are positive. They are from people who used high quality product properly during a proper diet and workout regimen.

Is extremely important to keep in mind that DanabolDbol is not a miracle drug making you muscular without dieting and working out.


Dianabol – Danabol is the perfect bulking steroid with tolerable side effects by most men. There are cases when genetics are not good for this compound making a person have extremely low tolerance to it, having allergies or something in this matter, making a person unable to use it, even at lowest doses.

danabolIn the end, Dbol is the steroid that offers side effects pretty much as anything else in this world, but they can be controlled and reduced, and the steroid can make you look like a bodybuilder and do it fast. There are various factors that come at play, but with good genetics and proper administration and a healthy lifestyle – the addition of Dbol is going to play for you.

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