Halotestin Cycle

halotest-balkan-pharmaceuticalsHalotestin is the brand name of Fluoxymesterone, yet Balkan Pharmaceuticals is offering Fluoxymesterone as brand Halotest. Although these brands are different, they sound alike because they are offering same active substance. Halotest, however, is cheaper than Halotestin, despite offering same active substance.

Because Halotestin – Halotest is having a half life of approximately 9-10 hours, the compound should be used twice a day in order to maintain stable blood levels. This means that HalotestHalotestin dosage should be used throughout the day in order to maintain best stable blood levels if you want to receive best results from a HalotestHalotestin cycle.

From a consistent level of the steroid in the blood system you’re going to maximize the effectiveness.

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Is also extremely important to mention that regardless of your dosage, Halotestin – Halotest is an extremely powerful orally active steroid.Perhaps one of the most powerful ones. With this being said, the compound should be used for a very limited period of time.

  • Therefore, Halotest – Halotestin cycle should be short, if you want to avoid nasty health issues. Halotest is having powerful effects on the liver and cholesterol, with a long Halotestin cycle, you risk to damage them too much.

Beginners should start the Halotestin cycle extremely short of only 2 weeks, people with more experience stop at 4 weeks and that’s the most common Halotestin cycle length. The maximum cycle length of running this anabolic steroid is 6 weeks and we do not recommend to exceed this length under any circumstances.

Halotestin Cycles ExplainedHalotestin-cycle-man

Since Halotestin – Halotest is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid with huge androgenic activity, this product is not having the high versatility as many other anabolic steroids have.

Therefore, this makes the compound be pretty limited when talking about how it can be used during the cycle to receive maximum benefits and as little as possible side effects.

Is very recommended to add a Testosterone base compound during all HalotestHalotestin cycles.

Plus, is very recommended to avoid anything that can damage your liver during the administration of this steroid and also to add cycle supporting products with liver protecting supplements.

Beginner Halotestin Cycle

Beginners should start with very low dosages of Halotestin and the only other steroid to add to the cycle should be testosterone.

Most people choose to add a long form, usually that’s Testosterone Enanthate taken in doses anywhere between 300 mg and 500 mg per week. The total daily dosage should be 10 mg – 20 mg a day. Beginners shouldn’t ever start administering higher doses.

They could start with Halotest for only 2 weeks and longer cycle with Testosterone. Maximum Halotestin cycle for beginners is 4 weeks.

Intermediate Halotestin CycleHalotestin-cycle-body-appearance

People with a little bit of experience with this anabolic steroid may add another steroid to their Halotestin cycle. The addition of third steroid would offer great results.

The total cycle length is 12 weeks where Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) is added to the stack.

Testosterone dosage is reduced as is purely supportive and used in doses of 100-200 mg per week. Dosage of Deca is 400 mg a week.Halotestin dosage is 20-30 mg a day. Out of total 12 weeks cycle length, Halotest is used only for the first 4-6 weeks. Do not ever use Halotestin in longer cycle lengths.


Advanced Halotestin Cycle

People who are having a lot of experience with this anabolic steroid may start experimenting. They already know what to expect and how to handle the side effects. Therefore, they add steroids upon their needs and goals. Nonetheless, dosage of Halotestin is not ever recommended to be higher than 40 mg a dayand Halotestin cycle length is not ever recommended to go over 6 weeks.

People add another powerful steroid in order to receive a really powerful cycle: Trenbolone.

But since advanced users know what to do and what to expect and they know what they want, they could add others too.

A Trenbolone with Halotestin cycle is extremely powerful and not recommended to everyone.

10 weeks cycle length:


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