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What is Halotestin?

Halotestin is one of the most powerful orally active steroids in existence with the active substance Fluoxymesterone. Halotestin is the brand name of the steroid but it could be found as other different brand names. Any other trade name with active substance Fluoxymesterone is the exact same Halotestin, which is often shortly called by lots of bodybuilders Halo.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is offering this compound as Halotest, which is the exact same Halotestin containing Fluoxymesterone. Despite the fact that quality and purity of steroid is the same, you can get the powerful steroid for an extremely low price, directly from this website.

This androgenic and anabolic steroid is used with big success by bodybuilders and other athletes for physique and performance enhancement purposes and is also used as a medication for various health conditions, mainly, for the replacement therapy for men suffering of deficiency of endogenous testosterone. Other than that, this steroid is used in women suffering from hormonally positive breast cancer.

  • Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) comes in form of tablets and according to studies done on this compound as well as the reports from people who used it, they claim it to be an extremely powerful steroid – one of the most powerful that you can find on the market.

The compound is used for increasing lean muscle mass and thanks to its amazing properties, it can be used with great success for both bulking and cutting cycles.

Halotestin (Halotest) is the steroid with crazy anabolic and androgenic activity and that’s great for those who want to gain immense amounts of muscles and strength.

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halotest-balkan-pharmaceuticals Since Halotestin is such a powerful steroid, you need to be very careful with it because there are higher chances of side effects too. However, with a proper use, you could easily expect:

  • Crazy lean muscle gain
  • Immense increases in strength levels
  • Burning body fat
  • Perfect anabolic body
  • Take your performance to a whole new level
  • A much better physical appearance
  • Energy and testosterone booster

What is Halotestin Used For?

As many other steroids, Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) was created for the purpose of treating various medical conditions and more specifically, treating breast cancer, the estrogen receptor positive type of breast cancer.

Nowadays, in medical settings, Halotestin is still used for such purposes including others too, but as with many other steroids – bodybuilders experimented with it and they found out that this could be an extremely helpful steroid for their needs because of its great muscle and strength building properties.

Halotestin is a pretty famous steroid for athletes, gym goers, bodybuilders, powerlifters and various other sportsmen but the reason why is still not as famous as other steroids is because of its harsh side effects. People should be very careful about the side effects of Halo and that’s why, is required to have an extensive knowledge and experience with steroids in general, before actually using Halotestin.


halotestin-structure In order to understand how powerful this steroid is you could check its numbers on paper, which go as: anabolic rating of 1900 and androgenic rating of 850. If you have at least some knowledge about steroids then you’ve most likely understood how crazy powerful Fluoxymesterone is, but if you are unsure what does numbers mean then you would still get an idea of how powerful Halo is taken in consideration that testosterone, in comparison, is having an anabolic and androgenic rating of 100. With this being said, Testosterone is a powerful hormone, but Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) is 19 times more potent than testosterone in terms of anabolic activity and 8.5 times more androgenic than testosterone. That’s a HUGE potency, yeah?

  • Without extra explanation I guess is quite easy to understand why there are still so much bodybuilders and athletes who are still using Halotestin (Halotest), despite the fact that its use got banned by the FDA for physique and performance enhancement – its incredible numbers says it all. Alongside with the fact that this is an orally active steroid which builds up in the system extremely fast – Halotestin is a steroid which is going to deliver crazy results in extremely short periods of time.

While those numbers suggest its huge potency and that’s coming as a “magnetic attraction” for some bodybuilders, it works the other way around for other people. Its huge potency comes with serious side effects and this is the reason why Halotestin is recommended to be administered only by experienced bodybuilders who have knowledge on using steroids.


As with any other things – the more powerful a steroid is, the more results it offers, obviously. However, the results may be positive and they may be negative (benefits vs side effects) and they both increase with the increased power of a steroid. Now imagine that Halo is among the most powerful ones.

What are the Effects of a Halotestin Cycle?

A Halotestin Cycle can offer mind blowing results. If you haven’t used Halotestin (Halotest) in the past and you know how to properly use it then a short cycle with Halo is going to completely change your physical outlook. If you haven’t seen a friend in a while before and after using Halotestin, there’s just no way he won’t notice a difference.

As mentioned, this is an orally active steroid and extremely powerful. Huge potency combined with fast build up in the system makes a combination that bodybuilders can benefit a lot. That’s why Halo is very commonly used by bodybuilders when they are preparing for a competition.

Remember that Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) is an anabolic steroid and therefore, it would work with your hormones, but its abilities would make you greatly improve strength and pack on a lot of muscles with filling up your body with energy, motivation and confidence. The reason why Halo is used as often by those preparing for a competition is because it would greatly improve the development of lean muscle mass, offer an aesthetic look all along with helping you to burn body fat and that’s going to offer a perfectly ripped physical appearance with crazy muscle definition – the perfect outcome for bodybuilders.

  • Despite the fact that Halotestin is such a powerful steroid, is still mainly considered a cutting steroid. That’s because Halotestin is capable to grow lean muscle mass, but the compound doesn’t aromatize and without aromatization, it doesn’t convert into estrogen. Estrogen is often required in order to build muscles but Fluoxymesterone doesn’t offer it.

Another reason why Halotestin is often considered a cutting steroid is because this steroid is having great properties for helping users to get rid of the extra body fat. Halo has been proven to be helpful in burning body fat offering the individuals a perfectly toned muscle body without fat covering those good looking and pumped muscles.

A cycle with Halotestin (Halotest) would make sure that you grow some lean muscles whilst burning fat because your already deposited fat layers of the body are getting melted by Halo and being used as a fuel for continuing to work out further. In short, Halotestin is the steroid that makes you get more energy and that’s because it works on your fat layers making them be “converted” into energy more efficiently.


With the perfect anabolic environment that the steroid offers (increased protein synthesis, more red blood cells, more oxygen to muscles, nitrogen retention etc.) the use is quickly developing more lean (without subcutaneous water and puffy muscle look) muscles.

Since you continue on losing fat and gaining muscles, they are becoming more toned and pronounced offering the perfect “bodybuilder” look. According to people who already used Halo, they’ve got mind blowing results with huge body changes in very short periods of time.

Nonetheless, is important to keep in mind that the best results are used by those who already have experience with anabolic steroids and especially by those who already have some experience under their belt of lifting dumbbells and working out. The less body fat you have, the more pronounced effects you get. But in case you’re seriously overweight with a really big amount of fat deposits then using Halotestin alone might not be enough. You may require to use Halotestin in combination with other steroids or drugs that would help you to burn body fat.

With severe body fat amount, you need higher dosages and more products helping to burn fat. But higher dosages of Halotestin (Halotest) is rarely a good idea, its huge potency offers side effects in no time. So, if you want to get the amazing benefits of this amazingly powerful steroid, make sure to use it properly.

One more thing to add here is the fact that Halotestin is having great properties for boosting your energy levels. As mentioned, you melt off fat which is turned into energy, but usually seem to report immense amounts of energy which is helpful both in gym, as well as outside the gym.

Other than that, its ridiculously high androgenic nature makes Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) a perfect anabolic steroid for those people who want to boost their strength levels. That’s why this is one of the favorite compounds of powerlifters and strongmen. According to people who used it, the amount of strength they are capable to gain on this steroid is nothing short for incredible.

  • Men who weren’t able to increase their maximum lifts by 5% in years, were capable to increase it by 10% or so in just weeks.

In case you’re searching for a perfect bulking cycle and you want to use Halotestin then the steroid might be very helpful as it does a great job in growing immense amounts of muscles, nonetheless, is still recommended to use Halotestin (Halotest) alongside with other bulking steroids for receiving the maximum out of it.

How Does Halotestin Affects Your Body?

Halotestin (Halotest) is coming like a “bomb” in your body. That’s because this anabolic steroid is offering huge potency and it quickly builds up in your system. This is the reason why you need to use it so careful, an improper use would shock your body and would offer side effects.

  • So, Halotestin is affecting your body in a really powerful manner and that could lead to positive benefits, but it could lead to negative side effects. It all depends on the way you are going to administer this product.

The compound is going to boost the testosterone amount and would encourage the normal growth and the development of male sex organs and due to crazy androgenic activity, users also notice a great development in secondary characteristics either like for example the growth of prostate, penis, scrotum, changes in voice, muscular characteristics, growth of hair in various parts of the body, distribution of fat and even behavioral and psychological changes.


Men suffering from low testosterone levels would suffer a lot (depending on how low those levels are) from many nasty symptoms. But when Halotestin – Halotest is added, the men is healing as his hormonal levels are coming back to their normal and the men is feeling alright. Some of those symptoms include feeling “girly”, losing muscle mass, adding fat, loss of libido etc.

Now just imagine what Halotestin is going to do with a healthy men not suffering from such issues. Halotestin would affect your body mainly in aiding and increasing the endogenous androgens in the body and with increased numbers, your body is starting to work accordingly.

Halotestin Results

Halotestin is going to do an amazing job in your body in case is used properly because except for offering your body with endogenous testosterone that it needs, it would also make sure that your bones would get strengthened, it would highly boost the synthesis of protein, would help with the creation of red blood cells, would boost the oxygen delivered to the muscle cells and tissues, greatly help with nitrogen retention and would offer various other positive effects in the body.


This anabolic steroid is affecting users body in the same way, doing the same job. But either that’s going to be beneficial or not it all depends on the user because there are various different factors that come at play.

What are the Benefits of Halotestin?

As earlier said, Halo enters your system like a bomb with lighting speed and potency. This is what could make Halotestin – Halotest offer side effects in case your body won’t be able to tolerate it, but this is what makes millions of people receive extremely big benefits from this compound. So, below we would share some of the most commonly reported benefits of Halotestin.

  • Halo is great at helping users to build a good amount of lean muscle mass.
  • Is an amazing steroid for greatly boosting the amount of strength.
  • Halotestin is going to offer huge boost in libido and sexual functions.
  • It would boost your testosterone levels a lot.
  • Crazy amount of stamina and energy both in gym during severe workout and outside gym.
  • Both your body as well as your brain are going to get significant boost in pushing harder and continuing training longer and more intense – also, more often.
  • Halotestin is greatly improving the production of red blood cells as well as the “red blood cells” themselves (better said, their structure) because of improved hemoglobin. RBC is extremely important when talking about receiving more muscles and strength.
  • Huge help in burning body fat. This steroid is amazing at fat loss during the cutting cycles. Fluoxymesterone is having amazing fat burning properties in the time that would protect your muscles from getting lost. With more muscles preserved and maybe even built alongside with significantly less body fat – your physical appearance would inevitably change. You are going to look leaner, harder and overall jacked and ripped.
  • Taken in consideration you get boost in protein synthesis, muscle oxygenation, RBC, nitrogen retention, energy, stamina, testosterone and endurance, which leads to more strength, you would definitely going to be able to boost your overall performance.
  • Halotestin has been found to be extremely helpful when talking about muscle protection in gym (avoiding muscle loss or muscle injuries) but has also been found to be extremely helpful when talking about recovery. You would be less susceptible to get ill and you would recover much faster in case you get an injury and after each intense workout.

… Is important to understand that these are not all the benefits of Halotest – Halotestin. There are many others but these are just the most commonly reported ones and the “biggest” benefits that you may receive.

In the end, either you would get all of them or only a few, either they are going to be extremely helpful or barely helpful – it all depends on your Halo administration.

Halotestin Side Effects

Is important to remember that Halotestin is not your usual steroid. The fact that is a steroid is enough to think about side effects, but this is a very powerful steroid and that’s only increasing the chances of receiving negative side effects.

  • The first and foremost, we need to mention here that Halotestin (the active substance Fluoxymesterone) is liver toxic and is considered a very toxic compound to your liver. That’s why is so important to keep cycle length short and dosage low – the longer the cycle or the higher the dosage, the more hepatotoxic it becomes.

Except for hepatoxicity, Halotestin (Halotest) is capable to offer other negative side effects too, obviously and the chances of receiving the side effects as well as their severity greatly increases in case the compound won’t be administered properly. Some of the negative side effects associated with the use of Halotestin includes heart related diseases, dependency and addiction, cholesterol related diseases, androgenic related diseases, stroke, not to mention liver issues and maybe even failure if not used as should and many other negative effects.

But then again, Halo is a powerful steroid and there are chances that you would get side effects even by following the dosage guidelines and never abusing it. Good news is that by properly using it, chances are very low that you would get nasty side effects.

Also, if using it the right way and you get side effects, then you can easily reduce the dosage or completely stop using it and the side effects are most likely going to disappear soon after the discontinuance.

Here’s a list of some common negative side effects associated with the use of Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone):

  • Hair loss (due to androgenic activity)
  • Headaches which can be mild to severe
  • Acne breakout (due to androgenic activity)
  • Bad skin condition
  • Changes in the color of the skin which can be mild to significant
  • Erectile dysfunction and loss of libido
  • Prolonged erections or inability to reach climax
  • Insomnia with or without night sweats
  • Nausea which may be accompanied with vomiting
  • Water retention and gynecomastia are unlikely to occur, although some people still report
  • Natural testosterone suppression (as all other anabolic steroids)
  • Cardiovascular related issues
  • Heart related issues
  • Changes in behavior and mood with mood swings
  • Increased irritability and aggression
  • Decreases in level of blood sugar
  • Virilization symptoms for women such as: excessive hair growth on body and face, head hair shredded, menstrual issues, enlargement of clitoris, deepening of the voice and others.

In case you do not have pre existent health issues, normal tolerance and you use Halotestin in proper way (while working out and dieting alongside with supplements and medicine) then side effects rarely are troublesome. You may not get any, or you could get only a few ones and they won’t be too bad.

Nonetheless, in case you do get bothersome side effects that are either dangerous or interfering with your daily activities then you should consider talking to a doctor, reducing the dosage or completely stopping the compound in case reducing the dosage won’t help.

Most of the side effects are manageable, but only if you do not have health issues before using the steroid or low tolerance. For example, liver toxicity won’t become a problem if keeping dosage low, cycle length short, won’t consume alcohol or other liver toxic drugs (many OTC drugs are hepatotoxic) and in the same time, would add liver protective compounds and supplements.

Suppression of testosterone is manageable by following a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan when you stop the cycle with Halo.

Most other side effects can be controlled either, they all mainly depend on the dosage and cycle length. Side effects of such a powerful steroid can be severe and put your life in danger, make sure you wouldn’t let it happen.

Halotestin Cycle and Administration

Keep in mind that Halotestin – Halotest is an orally active steroid which means that it should be administered orally by mouth in form of pills. Because it has a short half life of only 6-8 hours, is recommended to use the compound multiple times per day. Split the total daily dosage in at least two separate dosages taken throughout the day.

As mentioned, Halotestin is mainly being used for cutting cycles as it can greatly help you to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass. But is also used for bulking and in case you want to grow muscles with this compound then we highly recommend to use it alongside with other bulking products and the recommended bulking compounds would be the injectable steroids, rather than the oral ones. That’s because this may put too much strain on your liver.

Halotestin alone is not as good and effective for bulking, but is still good enough for building lean muscle mass and preventing muscle wasting. The problem is that for competition purposes for bodybuilders – it won’t build as much muscles as other steroids would.

The good results can be achieved in a very short period of time with Halotestin (Halotest), especially when talking a cutting cycle, and thanks to this as well as the fact that it may become too hepatoxic, long cycle lengths are not recommended. There are bodybuilders who are using it for as long as 8 weeks, but that’s not something we would recommend because Halotestin is too dangerous for such long cycles.

Halotestin Dosage

Instead, we recommend you to focus on a 4 weeks cycle (if not shorter) as that’s going to be enough to offer great benefits but such a cycle would greatly decrease the possibility of receiving negative side effects. Anything longer than 4 weeks increase the chances of experiencing adverse effects, not mentioning what would 8 weeks do.

Most common dosage is anywhere between 10 mg up to 20 mg a day for men. Females are not recommended this powerful compound at all as it could be way too dangerous. Only people with enough experience (those who already used Halotestin in the past) and they noticed that the compound is safe for them, then they are able to increase the dosage to 30 mg up to about 40 mg a day.


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  • Nonetheless, in case the dosage is going to be higher – that’s pure abuse. Do not ever use dosages higher than 40 mg a day. Also, do not use the total daily dosage at once.
  • Most people split the total daily dosage in 2 even halves – one in the morning and the other one approximately 30-60 minutes before working out.

So, beginners should go for cycle of 10-20 mg a day for 4 weeks. Intermediate/ more advanced people for cycle length of about 20-30 mg for 4-6 weeks. Absolute professionals should go for dosages anywhere in the range of 30-40 mg for 6-8 weeks.

Is extremely important to follow a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan after each steroid cycle.

How to Stack Halotestin?

Halotestin (Halotest) can be stacked with other steroids and in fact, we can recommend you to stack it with others because doing so, it would offer the best results and in the same time, you would greatly reduce the possibility of receiving negative side effects.

Halotestin (Halotest) is most often and most commonly used alongside with Testosterone, that’s because testosterone with Halotestin stack is going make sure that you receive the best results from both of them without increasing (but actually decreasing) the negative side effects.

Usually, you can start Halotestin for 4 weeks and go for a long based Testosterone taken for 8 weeks. For example 20 mg a day of Halotestin and 500 mg a week of Testosterone Enanthate is going to offer amazing results. Start the PCT plan at the end of total cycle (8 weeks) not when you stop using Halotestin because Testosterone is also a steroid and the PCT is started when all steroids are flushed out of your body.

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