Isotretinoin is the active substance in the brand Accutane. It could be found as numerous other brands but Accutane remains the most popular brand for this product. The compound is mostly being utilized both in the medical world and among bodybuilders. Is used as a medication that is treating severe cases of cystic acne. The compound is known to help the skin to renew itself much faster and much more efficiently.

  • In medical settings and under medical supervision, Isotretinoin (Accutane) can be given to patients suffering from certain skin diseases and even skin cancers.

Isotretinoin is actually a type of retinoid – a chemical that is naturally made by our bodies but in smaller amounts. The compound can be obtained only as a prescription drug in the USA. However, in many countries in the world, it is still obtained as an Over The Counter (OTC) medication. Without a prescription.


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We’re offering Isotretinoin because it is often used by bodybuilders who are running anabolic steroids. They use it in order to fight off the negative effects of those steroids on the skin. As is known – anabolic steroids may offer acne and other skin related side effects.

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Those who are prone to get such side effects, or those who run specific steroids (because some anabolic steroids are less dangerous for skin than others) would find Isotretinoin a perfect choice to deal with their skin issues. The compound is used during the cycle.


What is Acne?

Isotretinoin is mostly known to fight off acne, but what is acne in the first place? What causes it?

Well, acne is a chronic skin condition that is seen as greasy skin and pimples with black or whiteheads. Usually, acne is seen in teenagers who are having hormonal changes and mostly – increased androgen and testosterone levels.

Is considered that about 80% of cases of acne are genetic. That’s why genetically prone people are more likely to get them with or without steroids (but especially when running steroids). Nonetheless, poor lifestyle choices also increase the chances of acne, making it worse, such as smoking, bad diet, etc.

Acne is mostly seen in those parts of the body where you have most oil glands such as the chest, back, and face.

Isotretinoin in Bodybuilding

AccutaneIsotretinoin is a Vitamin A isomer. This means that it reduces the amount of the oil that is being produced by oil glands in your skin. Since there’s less oil produced – acne is suppressed as it can’t form and grow.

Approximately 90% of patients are reporting great results from using Isotretinoin in terms of their skin condition.

Bodybuilders require Isotretinoin as they need to look good. Those who use steroids are more likely to trigger acne or make it in a worse condition. This is because steroids are increasing androgens and testosterone. Is likely when a teenager goes through hormonal changes.

So many users add Isotretinoin during the cycle with steroids to reap off benefits from steroids and still stay away from acne.


Isotretinoin Side Effects

There are a lot of possible side effects associated with the use of the compound. But as you may guess, most of them are related to skin issues. The higher the dosage – the higher the chances of receiving Isotretinoin side effects.

  • Some side effects to mention dry skin; dermatitis; localized exfoliation; skin fragility and others.

Except for skin issues, there are many others that can occur. But usually only in very high dosages or if you’re having a very low tolerance to the compound.

Isotretinoin Dosage Bodybuilding

In case you’re getting prescribed Isotretinoin by a doctor, you can still buy it from our site to receive it for a lower price, but we recommend you to use it exactly as recommended. Usually, for fighting off acne, dosages anywhere between 50 mg up to 150 mg a day are prescribed by a doctor.

However, dosages of Isotretinoin for bodybuilding purposes are generally much more conservative. Is used anywhere between 10-20 mg a day for as long as you run steroids is going to be good enough.


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