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Tamoxifen Citrate which is the active substance in brand Nolvadex (and numerous others) is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM). It comes in the form of oral tablets and is having numerous uses.

  • The compound is used for treating and preventing breast cancer, for gynecomastia, for infertility issues, and others. Plus to that, Tamoxifen is very popular among bodybuilders too. Among those who use anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS).

Each of these uses has its own Tamoxifen dosage protocol. In order to determine the proper dose, you’ve got to understand why you need Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) in the first place.

But even then, there are various other factors that should be taken into consideration. At least, if you’re attempting to determine the perfect dosage for your specific needs.


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In the end, it is very important to stick to proper Tamoxifen dosage. That’s going to make the compound effective and at the same time, to stay away from negative possible side effects.

Medical Tamoxifen Dosage

Regardless of what’s the purpose of running Tamoxifen dosage for your medical needs – we highly recommend sticking to your doctor’s administration protocol.

You should be using the compound exactly as recommended. That’s because a doctor knows best as there are numerous things to consider.

Female Tamoxifen Dosage

There are very rare instances when Nolvadex is used by a female to enhance performance taken into consideration that the compound is going to boost testosterone levels and won’t cause virilization side effects.

Nonetheless, be aware that there are other side effects that may occur from its use, and plus, is not going to be as effective.

  • Yet, if you’re interested in such uses, usually very low doses of only 10 mg a day of Tamoxifen are used for a short period like 4-8 weeks.

Tamoxifen Dosage During Use of Steroids

The main and pretty much the only reason to run a Nolvadex dosage during the cycle of anabolic steroids is to prevent or treat the health condition known as gynecomastia (formation of breast tissue). There’s no need to run Nolvadex (or any other anti-gynecomastia medicines) during the cycle with steroids that cannot aromatize.

But since most bulking steroids do aromatize, it is very important to have some anti gynecomastia medication on hand.


Usually, Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are used for such needs. That’s taken into consideration that they are capable to protect you from a wider range of estrogen related side effects (except gynecomastia, they help with water retention, bloating, etc.). But that’s something that SERMs, like Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex), can’t really help.

For gynecomastia, Tamoxifen dosage can be in the range of 20-80 mg a day.

How long to run the compound for is also individual. It all depends on how prone you are to get gynecomastia, anabolic steroid cycle harshness, either you prevent its apparition or need treatment, etc.

  • Usually, for prevention dosages are started at around 20 mg a day. Then is increased if required.
  • For treatment, dosages are started at around 60-80 mg a day. Then decreased when gyno goes away.

Tamoxifen Dosage For PCT Plans

This is by far the most popular and widely used reason why people use Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Tamoxifen Citrate does an amazing job in boosting testosterone levels and recovering natural HPTA. So is a great option for Post Cycle Therapy plans.

  • NOTE! Nolvadex PCT plans are very often combined with Clomid (Clomiphene). That’s because they both work in synergy to boost test levels. And recover natural hormonal balance.
  • NOTE2! PCT plans are started when all anabolic steroids are flushed out of the system. That’s why it is important to take into consideration the half lives of all steroids you run.

During PCT plans, Nolvadex is usually used in higher doses at the beginning of the plan. Then Nolvadex dosage is reduced. That’s because, in the beginning, the individual might need higher stimulation of release of natural testosterone after severe suppression of HPTA. Then a milder one.

PCT plans are between 3 and 8 weeks, but most commonly, 4 weeks PCT plan is most common. Except for Clomid, there are other compounds that can be added to PCT plans according to personal needs. Examples are AIs (Aromatase inhibitors) and / or HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).


Tamoxifen dosage for such needs usually starts at 40 mg a day and then is reduced in half.

For example 2 weeks with Nolvadex 40 mg a day and then Nolvadex 20 mg a day for another 2 weeks out of a total of 4 weeks. Or it could be: 1-2 Weeks 40 mg a day; 3-4 weeks 20 mg a day; 5-6 weeks 10 mg a day.


Again, PCT cycle length and dosage highly depend on various factors. Examples include your personal needs, anabolic steroid cycle harshness, and other factors.

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