Turanabol Side Effects

Turanabol is a Dianabol derived compound that is extremely popular in the world of bodybuilding and other performance enhancement settings for its amazing abilities and properties for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Turanabol might be known as Turinabol (Tbol) because this is an even more famous brand name, but regardless of the brand name, as long as you get high quality product, you can expect amazing benefits. Turanabol is still a famous brand and is manufactured by famous and reputable Balkan Pharmaceuticals – known for offering best quality steroids for low prices.

Turanabol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Turinabol – Turanabol is an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is coming in form of pills taken orally with main ingredient being called 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

The anabolic steroid was involved in the German doping scandal many years ago as it was manufactured specifically for physique and performance enhancement purposes, unlike most other steroids out there that were made for medical purposes and later were discovered to be effective for recreational uses when comes to physique and performance enhancement.

Turinabol – Turanabol was derived from Dianabol (Dbol), but they are very different from each other.

Turanabol is much milder compared to Dianabol, offering lower androgenic and anabolic ratings and plus to that, it cannot aromatize. The gains from Tbol won’t be as much and as fast compared to those from Dbol, instead they are quality gains that are long lasting, makes individual have an aesthetic look and most importantly – with much less side effects.

  • Turanabol side effects are considered much milder and much fewer compared to side effects of most other steroids out there. This is one of the reason why the compound is so popular – you can use oral pills that are effective and in the same time – you do not get side effects, or at least not as bad.

Do not get it wrong – Turanabol is not completely side effects free, it’s just a milder product and side effects are possible, but they are likely not to be as bad as with other steroids.



Turanabol Side Effects Explained

Again, one of the best thing about Turanabol side effects is the fact that they are far less troublesome compared to other orally active steroids.

  • Nonetheless, it still remains an anabolic steroid so your natural testosterone production is going to be suppressed for which you would require a testosterone supplementation and a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan.

Plus, this is an orally active compound and is C17 alpha alkylated making it highly bioactive after surviving the liver.

  • Therefore the compound is liver toxic. Is not as hepatotoxic as other steroids, nonetheless adding liver protecting products is still recommended.
  • Plus, there is also the risk of getting some cardiovascular difficulties when using the product, although at lower rates compared to other steroids – is possible.
  • Turanabol side effects also include the androgenic ones. But because the compound has a very low androgenic activity, androgenic side effects are also much less likely to occur.
  • Same applies to virilizing side effects for women. Of course they can occur to women using Turanabol improperly in too much doses and/ or for too long time, yet virilizing side effects from Tbol for women are not as bad compared to many other steroids.

Amazing thing is the fact that Turanabol side effects cannot include the estrogen related ones.


That’s because the anabolic steroid doesn’t aromatize and without this conversion, the risk of getting side effects related to estrogen are excluded during the administration of Turinabol – Turanabol. That’s amazing as you are not going to get gynecomastia (grow breasts), less chances to affect your libido and sexual drive, your mood and behavior, avoid high blood pressure as well as water retention and others.

In the end, we highly recommend you to watch out for the following Turanabol side effects:

  • Heart disease and failure
  • Severe liver damage
  • Low testosterone condition
  • Harsh virilization symptoms
  • Nasty androgenic side effects

Once again, Tbol is a milder and safer steroid compared to many others that’s why controlling side effects is much easier compared to many other steroids out there.

Turanabol-10mg-balkan-Rebranding-e1550839812604You can control, suppress or altogether avoid the side effects of Turinabol – Turanabol if you’re going to use the product properly. By having a proper use, the side effects are reduced in the time that you’re greatly enhancing the effectiveness of this steroid.

Also, to avoid any extra additional side effects of using Turanabol, make sure to get only the best quality product. You can buy it from our website BalkanPharmaceuticals.to for sale and whilst saving money, you get best product that would offer amazing effectiveness and least side effects.

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