Turinabol Cycle

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Turinabol is an orally active androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is coming in form of pills and they should be used on a daily basis in order to maintain stable blood levels and get maximum benefits.

The compound is known to be a relatively safer steroid than most other steroids out there and due to its mildness, many people may assume that the compound should be taken in higher doses to make it effective. That’s not true, if you want it to make it effective, the steroid is intended to be used properly.

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Turanabol – Turinabol cycle is what determines how effective the steroid is going to be. Plus, if you’re thinking to run a Tbol cycle and wonder how it should be, you should understand that the Tbol cycle greatly depends on the aim of use and final goals.

There are various different things that should be taken in consideration before actually running it.

For example, you need to answer at least the following questions (including others as well) such as:

  • What do you aim to achieve when running TuranabolTurinabol cycle?
  • What is your final goal?
  • What level are you currently with steroids and bodybuilding? A beginner or an expert?
  • When just starting to administer Turinabol – Turanabol, try to check: what is your tolerance to the compound?

You’ve got to answer at least these questions but there are more other factors that you should take in consideration before actually running it. Based on this, you may determine TuranabolTurinabol dosage, cycle length, what other steroids to add etc.

If that’s the first time that you’re running anabolic steroids and you’re running a proper TuranabolTurinabol cycle then you may notice that you’re capable to add approximately 5 kg (11-12 lbs) of lean muscle mass. You would notice a boosted strength as well as performance including other benefits.


You would notice that you would become stronger, perform better, faster recovery as well as lose body fat too. But then again, that’s why a proper TuranabolTurinabol cycle. The dosage and cycle length may be different which is depending on:


  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your size
  • Your weight
  • Years of training
  • Experience with steroids and other factors.

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For example, beginners should not use TuranabolTurinabol cycle length for longer than 6 weeks. They may also stop at 4 weeks. Also, they should opt for a limited dosage in order to get used to the compound and check how the steroid works specifically for them. With increased dosage, you increase risks of side effects, but you avoid them with a limited dosage administration.

On the other hand, those who have experience with TuranabolTurinabol (those that previously used it), can increase the dosage according to their needs. Other than that, they may also add other steroids (like testosteronebase steroids or other) in order to enhance the effectiveness of steroid. They may also run it for 8 weeks. But then again, cycle length and dosage depends on various factors.

Turinabol Cycle Length

This compound is administered on a daily basis once or maximum twice a day as it has a pretty long half life of 16 hours. But in order to make it effective, it should be run for at least 4 weeks. Beginners usually stop at 4-6 weeks, but professionals may use it for up to 8 weeks for enhanced effectiveness.


Turinabol Dosage

Turanabol – Turinabol should be dosed anywhere between 30-40 mg a day for beginners. This dosage is enough to offer benefits, but in the same time is low enough to stay away from negative side effects. Even if they do occur (mainly because of low tolerance and personal genetics at such doses), they won’t be as bad as with higher doses.

Turanabol – Turinabol doses for advanced users is usually anywhere between 50-70 mg a day. Such doses are administered by people who have some experience with Tbol. They usually run this dosage for 6-8 weeks. These are the most common doses, few people can increase the dosage.

Turanabol – Turinabol dosages for professional bodybuilders is in the range of 80-100 mg per day and they usually run it for 8 weeks. But then again, this is already considered a high dosage that is by far not tolerated by everyone. Only professionals with enough experience may attempt such doses. They are added to intense steroid cycles for crazy results required in competitive levels. Beginners shouldn’t attempt such doses.


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