What is Letrozol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals?

Letrozol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals If there’s someone who is searching for the absolute estrogenic protection then they’ve reached the right place as the compound Letrozol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals is everything that you need. The compound might be better known as Femara – the most famous and widely used brand name for the active substance found in both these compounds – Letrozole.

Letrozole is the chemical name and active substance in many other trade names except for Femara and Letrozol and although Femara is by far the most famous brand, we still recommend Letrozol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and that’s because the product is of the exact same high quality and purity as Femara is, but is offered for an extremely low price.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is overall a very famous pharmaceutical company which has obtained popularity and people’s trust only by offering high quality drugs and steroids which are not inferior to original brands but they offer the medications for lower prices.

Therefore, Letrozol is the same Femara both offering Letrozole, but you save money. Letrozole the active substance is coming only in form of tablets so it should be taken by mouth, and is considered the most powerful Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) available. That’s why the compound is often used by those who need the ultimate medicine for greatly dealing with estrogen.

In medical settings, the compound is used for treating hormonally positive breast cancer (the cancer that requires estrogen to form and grow) while bodybuilders use it for dealing with estrogenic side effects.

The powerful AI product was patented back in 1986 and got approved for the use in medicine 10 years later in 1996. Years later it was discovered that it can be used for some off label uses too.

What is Letrozole Used For? | How Does Femara Work? | What is Femara Used For?

Letrozole which can be found in Femara, Letrozol by Balkan or other trade names is being used for controlling the estrogen levels in the body and by controlling the estrogen it can be used for dealing with estrogenic side effects or for breast cancer. However, as mentioned, it might have off label use, it was discovered that this drug is having ability to stimulate ovaries too.

It is also used for early pregnancy termination, for treatment of gynecomastia in men, for promoting spermatogenesis and is stacked with growth hormone for helping adolescent boys to grow taller. Anyway, the compound is rarely used for any of the off label uses. Is mainly used for treating breast cancer and by bodybuilders only.

Femara or Letrozol containing the active substance Letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor (AI) which although is an anti estrogen as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) are there are huge differences between them and that’s because AIs are reducing the serum estrogen levels flowing in the body while SERMs only block the activity of estrogen in certain tissues.

Letrozole is a type 2 aromatase inhibitor for preventing estrogen to be released. As mentioned, the compound is considered to be the most powerful AI because studies prove that the estrogen levels in women are reduced by up to 98% and in men by up to 65%.

Being such a powerful Aromatase Inhibitor, the compound is great when it comes to combat emergency situations related to too high estrogen levels. Such situations are happening, usually, when bodybuilders are using aromatizable (also called wet) steroids like for example Testosterone, Boldenone, Nandrolone, Methandrostenolone or other types of steroids. They are known to convert into estrogen which leads to too high estrogen and ultimately get estrogenic side effects like water retention, sleep issues, gynecomastia, libido issues and others.

The compound is considered the ultimate weapon for treating gynecomastia (gyno), as Letrozole is considered the most effective drug for gyno treatment. That’s why many bodybuilders use the product for such needs.

Letrozole Dosage | How to Take Letrozole? | Femara Administration | Letrozol Dose

As mentioned, Letrozol or Femara both containing Letrozole as active substance are coming in form of oral tablets that should be taken orally by mouth and the product has a half life of about 2-4 days meaning that the administration schedule must be done on an every day or at least every other day.

The dosage of Letrozole for bodybuilding purposes depends on a number of factors and they go as: personal tolerance, how bad are the estrogenic side effects depending on the type of the steroid and the dosage. The product must be taken very carefully and the dosage should be conservative. Start slowly and increase dose only if required. The overdose can be very nasty.

The product is used during the cycle with aromatizable steroids and most doses vary between 0.25 mg up to 1 mg used every other day or every day. Few people would require slightly higher doses.

Use this aromatase inhibitor very carefully otherwise you risk getting negative side effects.

Letrozole Side Effects | Femara Side Effects | Side Effects of Letrozol

Side effects of Letrozol or Femara containing Letrozole are usually indicating that the user is overdoing it, taking too high doses which leads to too much estrogen inhibition. Do not assume that too little estrogen is a good idea because it never is. Both males and females require a normal estrogen level and by taking too much of this powerful AI, you inhibit too much estrogen.

Too low estrogen levels would lead to altered mood and even depression, lower libido, sleep issues, low immune system and others. In fact, estrogen is also helpful for males to grow muscles too.

That’s why Letrozole must be taken carefully and only if required in doses as low as possible. By taking normal doses of Letrozole, you are unlikely to get side effects because the estrogen levels are going to be balanced and nothing bad would happen unless you’re hypersensitive to the product.

Is very good to have Letrozole on hand if you’re having emergency situations related to too high estrogen, but using too much would lead to bad side effects too. Ultimately, you should know that not using any Letrozole or other AIs at all while regularly using aromatizable steroids, you’re much more likely to get side effects compared to using those steroids with a conservative dose of an aromatase inhibitor like Letrozole.

Where to Buy Letrozole 2.5 mg? | Buy Cheap Femara | Get Letrozol by Balkan

Letrozole which can be found in Femara or Letrozol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals can be purchased directly from this website and receiving a very high quality product. Femara is known for being an expensive medication and that’s why not everyone can afford it, even if they require a better estrogenic protection.

This problem was solved by Balkan Pharmaceuticals which is selling high quality Letrozole for low price allowing you to save money. This is the perfect medication for those people who cannot reduce their estrogen levels enough with other medications and that’s because although Letrozole can offer side effects being such a powerful Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), it can offer amazing benefits and greatly help those people who need to reduce the estrogen levels more and cannot do it with other drugs.