What is Finasterida by Balkan Pharmaceuticals?

Finasteride by Balkan Pharmaceuticals Finasterida is the brand name and the medication manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceutical containing the active substance that is very similar to the brand name – Finasteride. Every pharmaceutical company is having their own brand name for each medication and Balkan Pharmaceutical called Finasteride with a similar name. Nonetheless, Finasteride might be better known by other way more famous brand names such as Proscar and/ or Propecia.

These are the most widely used and famous brands for Finasteride but now people may wonder what’s the difference between Finasterida by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and Proscar/ Propecia. Well, there’s none except for the brand name and manufacturing company. These compounds are offering the exact same active product – Finasteride and they are all offering it for a very high quality.

But there’s still a difference between them – the price. Finasterida by Balkan Pharmaceuticals is offering the compound for a much cheaper price being affordable to everyone requiring the compound. Customers don’t need to be worried about the quality as genuine Balkan Pharmaceuticals products such as Finasterida are known to be of the highest quality.

That’s why, customers save money while get same compound – finasteride. What is exactly this medication? A very potent type II 5alpha reductase inhibitor that is known for preventing the conversion of the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a sex hormone important for males.

I guess, many people already understood why Finasteride is important for bodybuilders and steroid users. By using anabolic steroids, users are increasing their testosterone levels and this is leading to more conversion into DHT and too high DHT levels which leads to various negative side effects such as hair loss.

This compound is used by bodybuilders for helping them to protect their head hair from falling, so Finasteride is used as hair loss prevention as well as a preventative for enlargement of the prostate.

What is Finasteride Used For? | Finasterida Uses | Proscar – Propecia

Finasteride that is found in Finasterida by Balkan Pharmaceuticals as well as Proscar, Propecia and many other trade names is working by inhibiting 4 alpha reductase and as mentioned, this is resulting in prevention of the testosterone being converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). There are studies which prove that the serum DHT levels are going to be reduced by approximately 65-70% while the prostate DHT levels are being reduced by up to 90%.

As a result of blocked DHT production, finasteride is reducing the androgen activity on the scalp as well as in the prostate reducing the volume of prostate and this is leading to reduced risk of prostate cancer as well as improved BPH.

For this reason, compound is used for enlarged prostate condition, prostate cancer, scalp hair loss, for transgender hormone therapy for transgender women as well as is being effective for treating excessive facial or / and body hair growth in women.

In bodybuilding, the compound is especially beneficial when the user is running DHT derivative anabolic steroids like for example Winstrol, Proviron, Masteron and others. This leads to DHT levels to spike up and lead to shrunk hair follicles and this causes hair loss.

But in the end, all anabolic androgenic steroids are increasing testosterone levels and testosterone is converted into DHT, therefore DHT levels would increase sooner or later with all steroids causing hair loss. That’s why finasteride compounds like Finasterida are being used by bodybuilders – anabolic steroid users in order to inhibit the conversion and therefore to save their hair.

How Does Finasteride Work? | Finasterida Mechanism of Action | Proscar

As mentioned – finasteride found in Proscar, Propecia and Finasterida is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor and is specifically a selective inhibitor of the type 2 and 3 isoforms of the enzyme. When those enzymes are being inhibited, the formation of the androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is reduced in certain tissues of the body especially in the prostate, skin and hair follicles.

By inhibiting the 5 alpha reductase, the compound is preventing the conversion into DHT and its production and therefore, finasteride is reducing androgen signaling in the tissues like the prostate gland and in the scalp.

Finasteride Side Effects | Finasterida Side Effects | Proscar – Propecia

Is very important to keep in mind that Finasteride compounds like Finasterida or any others can be dangerous and offer nasty as well as long lasting side effects, and this can happen even with a short term usage.

It is an obvious thing that suppressing too much of the potent androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is definitely not going to end too good for males.

Side effects for females also can be very bad, the use of finasteride in women is not recommended because it was proven there are birth defects in fetuses with pregnant women. The use of Finasteride should be very limited and used exclusively only if absolutely necessary.

The side effects should be taken very seriously, use the compound only if needed and very carefully. Some of the side effects (by far not all) include: decreased libido as well as impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED), as finasteride is notorious for interfering with male sexual function; possible depression and mood swings as well as decreased muscle mass.

Finasteride Dosage | How to Use Finasteride? | Finasterida Dose

The compound is coming in form of tablets that should be taken orally by mouth on a daily basis for maintaining stable blood levels. Finasterida should be used only by people who have problems with their DHT levels and usually, finasteride compounds are used only by sensitive individuals only during the anabolic cycles with DHT steroids.

Do not use the compound more than needed and outside the anabolic steroid cycles unless recommended and prescribed by doctors.

In most cases, bodybuilders are using a dosage of 1 mg per day of finasteride compounds like Finasterida for maintaining their hair and prevent hair loss. We recommend to have tests done proving that DHT levels are indeed too high before actually using Finasteride.

Finasteride vs Dutasteride

Finasteride and Dutasteride are extremely similar medications with very little differences. While they work in a very similar manner, the biggest difference between the 2 is the fact that dutasteride is more effective at blocking DHT than finasteride.

Finasteride showed a reduction of about 70% of DHT while Dutasteride a reduction of about 90%. Finasteride was the first medication to be discovered and is the only one being accepted for the hair loss treatment. Dutasteride, being more powerful and more effective, is also offering more side effects than Finasteride.

That’s pretty much the only difference between the 2 compounds.

How To Get Finasteride? | Why Buy Finasterida by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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So you get finasteride of high quality while paying a low price and you can get the perfect medication for reducing DHT levels in case you really need to do so for preventing hair loss and prostate enlargement.