What is Aquatest by Balkan Pharmaceuticals?

Aquatest by Balkan Pharmaceuticals Aquatest is the fastest release form of synthetic testosterone that you’re going to find and that’s because testosterone comes in its purest form without an attached ester known as Testosterone Suspension.

While Testosterone Suspension is not as popular as other esterified forms of testosterone because of too often administration schedule required, the compound is still often searched by many bodybuilders and athletes because is considered the most powerful form of testosterone which can offer huge results in very short amount of time.

Aquatest is the trade name of Testosterone Suspension manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, however, the compound can be found as other trade names too. The advantage of Aquatest by Balkan Pharmaceuticals over other trade names offering Testosterone Suspension is the high quality and purity combined with the lowest price.

Other brands might offer a low price but a low quality for the steroid. Or vice versa – high quality but high price too. Aquatest is the perfect combination making sure that you receive the highest quality and lowest price.

Testosterone Suspension is different from other testosterone forms because it has no attached esters and the ester is meant to delay / sustain the release of the main hormone in the body after it got administered. It is not oil based as esterified testosterones but is water based and out of 100 mg, you receive 100 mg of pure testosterone, unlike other forms offering lower amounts of testosterone per 100 mg.

But in the end, you receive the same synthetic testosterone that is no different from the naturally occurring one. Is just the fact that you receive this amount of testosterone faster, therefore is faster entering and flushed off your system.

Synthetic testosterone is used for increasing total amounts of testosterone in the body and this is going to lead to multiple benefits. Bodybuilders increase their testosterone because they are growing muscles more, faster and more efficiently. Testosterone is helpful for multiple processes in the body and with Aquatest you receive them very fast.

Aquatest Half Life | Testosterone Suspension Half Life

As mentioned, Aquatest is offering Testosterone Suspension which is coming in water solution that is not offering an attached ester to the testosterone. This means that the biological half life of Aquatest is the half life of pure testosterone which is only 2-4 hours.

This means the compound enters your system very fast and is getting flushed out of the system fast. While you need frequent administration schedule, the detection time is much lower and the benefits are reached much faster.

What Does Testosterone Suspension Do? | Aquatest Effectiveness

Aquatest is an extremely effective steroid which is going to offer amazing benefits and results in a very short period of time. The compound works the exact same way as any other esterified form of testosterone and even as the naturally occurring testosterone.

The human body receiving synthetic testosterone won’t see a difference between the synthetic and natural testosterone. Elevating the levels of testosterone, this is going to lead to multiple benefits such as growth of muscle mass and strength , increased bone density and strength, helps with body fat loss, increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis including many other benefits.

This is the reason why athletes try to increase their testosterone levels and Aquatest can increase them very fast. You can also experience increases in mood and in confidence, you get boosted libido as well as better sleep.

Testosterone is essential for physique and performance enhancement and this is the reason why many testosterone based steroids are used for such purposes and they are so popular in bodybuilding world.

In the end, if you’re familiar with some esterified form of testosterone, then you won’t get too different results from Aquatest. However, you’re going to be shocked on how well the compound works, how powerful the product is and how fast you’re going to receive all those benefits.

Testosterone Suspension Cycle | Aquatest Administration

Aquatest, as mentioned, is a water based solution containing non esterified testosterone also known as Testosterone Suspension and the only problem with this compound is the administration. The solution is meant for intramuscular injection and taking in consideration that it offers a half life of only 2-4 hours, you need to use it multiple times a day for maintaining stable blood levels and you need to do it for some weeks.

The compound should be injected / administered at least 4 times a day and that’s why a lot of people refuse to use this compound. However, those who do it, receive huge results in record short times.

Cycle lengths are usually short up to maximum 8 weeks, but most people prefer 4 or 6 weeks. Since you receive testosterone, you can combine it with whatever other steroid and it can be used for both bulking and cutting.

The compound is usually used in dosing ranging between 200 up to about 700 mg a week. This means that doses are anywhere between 30 mg up to 100 mg a day, used in 4 different doses throughout a day.

You can try 4 weeks with Aquatest and Dianabol both at 50 mg a day with some supplements and anti estrogen compounds and PCT plan following the cycle.

Aquatest Side Effects | Testosterone Suspension Side Effects

Side effects of Aquatest containing Testosterone Suspension which is synthetic testosterone without an ester are the exact same side effects as any other esterified testosterone form or the side effects of naturally too high testosterone levels.

The difference is that the side effects might last less because of shorter half life but they may be more intense. Reducing the dosage is usually going to reduce the side effects too.

Having a PCT plan for naturally testosterone suppression is always recommended, exactly as it is to use cycle supporting supplements for lowering or avoiding getting other side effects too. But there are other methods of how to manage the side effects such as having a healthy lifestyle and others.

In the end, estrogenic side effects can occur like gynecomastia, water retention, hypertension and others but they can be controlled with an anti estrogenic compound. Cardiovascular side effects as well as cholesterol side effects can occur by consistent use of Aquatest or other synthetic testosterone compounds.

Androgenic related side effects are a common problem with the use of such compounds too which can lead to acne, hair loss and others for males as well as virilizing side effects for females.

Where to Buy Testosterone Suspension For Sale? | Buy Aquatest by Balkan

Buying Aquatest by Balkan Pharmaceuticals you are going to get the most powerful form of testosterone that is capable to change your physique in an extremely short period of time. You are going to receive Testosterone Suspension of the highest quality which for sale making it affordable to everyone.

The drawback of Aquatest by Balkan Pharmaceuticals offering Testosterone Suspension is that you need to frequently administer it, however, doing so you are going receive huge effectiveness in terms of physique and performance enhancing purposes alongside with benefits and results that would be noticed in a record time because muscles would grow as they never did before.