What is Turanabol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals?

Turanabol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals Turanabol that might be better known as Turinabol is a very famous anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that is widely used all over the world for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Turinabol is the original and the most famous brand name but Turanabol is manufactured by a different pharma company – Balkan Pharmaceuticals maintaining the exact same high quality of the product but offered for a much lower price.

Turinabol or Turanabol might be also known as Tbol, Oral Tbol or Oral Turinabol. That’s because the compound is coming in form of oral tablets which are meant for oral use. The active substance in the compound is 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

Turanabol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, although less famous than Turinabol, is much worthy because of the price. While both trade names are offering high quality chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, Turanabol is much cheaper than Turinabol.

This steroid was manufactured many years ago by a German pharmaceutical company in 1960s and it is one of the very few steroids which were designed and manufactured specifically for physique and performance enhancement purposes. It has no medical uses.

This steroid is a derivative of Dianabol (Dbol) with active substance Methandrostenolone or Methandienone but TurinabolTuranabol is not as powerful as Dianabol and is not aromatizing into estrogen. Therefore, Turinabol is considered the “little brother” of Dianabol.

Turinabol is not as effective as Dianabol so it offers much slower gains and much less gains, however, they are quality gains and the steroid offers much less side effects than Dianabol.

Turinabol Half Life | How Long Does Turinabol Stay in Your System? | Turanabol

TurinabolTuranabol containing chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is considered to have a long half life for an orally active steroid which is up to about 16 hours. This means that TurinabolTuranabol is going to stay in the system for approximately 32 hours.

People usually use the compound once a day or every 12 hours for maintaining stable blood levels.

Nonetheless, although the half life is only 16 hours, the compound can be caught on anti doping tests for up to about 12 months which is why the compound is considered to have an extremely long detection time.

Turanabol Effectiveness | What is Turinabol Used For? | Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Uses

As mentioned, Turanabol or Turinabol is a Dianabol derivative but is not as powerful as Dianabol. In fact, this steroid is having a very low androgenic rating of almost 0 and a mild anabolic rating of about 53-54 all along with no estrogenic activity.

This leads many people to think that the compound is not very effective which is a huge mistake. Due to these numbers, Turinabol is very underestimated, but Tbol is actually a very effective and helpful product.

Turinabol is offering slow but very quality gains all along with little to no side effects at all. Dianabol does offer huge muscle mass increase in short period of time, but it comes with a lot of side effects and with a lot of water weight.

Turinabol is not great for bulking, but is amazing when it comes to cutting or as a booster drug during bulking cycles.

The compound is generally amazing for increasing strength levels while offering huge results all without weight gains, offer tighter muscles and do not offer puffy look to them, it is strongly binding to SHBG which makes other steroids more effective, it is increasing lean muscle mass and free testosterone and all of that while you do not get nasty side effects as with other steroids.

As it was mentioned, TurinabolTuranabol, unlike most other steroids available that were created for some medical needs, was created specifically for physique and performance enhancing purposes by a German pharmaceutical company. It was designed for offering an advantage to their sportsmen while they could pass the anti doping tests. However, nowadays tests can track Turinabol easily.

Turanabol Dose | Turinabol Cycle | Turinabol Administration | Tbol Dosage

As mentioned, Turinabol or Turanabol containing chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is an orally active steroid which should be used by mouth on a daily basis, other use it every 12 hours for maintaining stable blood levels and get maximum effectiveness.

Being a mild steroid, women also experimented with this product and although there are better options than Turinabol for them, some women still use it. For such cases, we recommend very low doses of 2.5 mg up to maximum 10 mg a day. Virilizing side effects can be bad.

Men rarely used TurinabolTuranabol alone, they generally prefer to be a part of a steroid stack and they use doses between 20 up to 50 mg a day. Cycle length with Turinabol is usually 6-8 weeks.

Very often people use 25 mg a day with Turinabol and 25 mg a day with Dianabol for 6 weeks for starters. Then 50 mg a day for 6 weeks. Maximum 50 mg a day for 8 weeks. They can also try 8 weeks 50 mg a day of Turanabol out of a total of 12 weeks with 500 mg a week with Testosterone Cypionate.

Turanabol Side Effects | Turinabol Side Effects | Side Effects of Tbol

It was already mentioned the fact that TurinabolTuranabol (Tbol) is a mild steroid and therefore the side effects are mild too. While the side effects are much well tolerated by most men compared to most other steroids, the compound is still offering side effects.

The side effects of Turinabol are dose dependent and abusing the compound would obviously offer side effects. Some of the notable negative effects of Turinabol include: natural testosterone production inhibition and although is not as bad as with other steroids, you are still going to require a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) if you want to be on the safe side.

Other than that, Turanabol is not as dangerous for the liver as other steroids, but is still an orally active C17 alpha alkylated steroid that suggest liver issues may appear. Moderate dosage and short cycle lengths is the key to avoid such side effects.

Tbol is generally having less side effects than other AAS, however it still must be respected and used properly if you want to avoid the side effects.

Some others that were not mentioned includes virilizing side effects for women which means that they are turned into men and androgenic side effects for men such as acne, hair loss, oily skin, aggression and others. At least, no estrogenic side effects can occur.

Where to Buy Turanabol? | Where to Buy Oral Turinabol? | Get Tbol For Sale

Turanabol can be purchased directly from this website and you can be sure that you get the exact same famous oral Turinabol steroid. The only difference is in the trade name as well as in the price. Turanabol is manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and is offered for a very low price, but the quality is maintained exactly as high. Tbol for sale can be purchased from this page and you save a lot of money.

Turinabol sold as Turanabol containing 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is the little brother of Dianabol (Dbol) which is capable to offer amazing benefits for physique and performance enhancement by offering lean and quality muscle gains and strength increases without weight gains and nasty side effects that you might get from other powerful steroids.