How to Inject Testosterone?

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You’re thinking to start your first anabolic steroid cycle and you found out that testosterone is the most suitable steroid for the first steroid cycle. But you’ve done enough research and you found out that testosterone comes as an injection. (While there are other forms of administering testosterone – they are far not as effective as injections). But you never performed an injection and that’s a problem. Well, no worries. We’re here to help you learn how to inject testosterone safely and easily.

Here, you’ll find a very helpful article about how to perform a testosterone injection.

Note that a lot of other anabolic steroids come only in form of injection.

So, if you’re thinking to start using steroids, it’s time for you to learn how to self-perform injection shots. Moreover, I highly recommend everyone to have testosterone as a base in their anabolic steroid cycle. Therefore, when going for steroids – knowing how to self inject testosterone is important.

Check our helpful step-by-step guide below. It would greatly help people who feel anxious about performing self injections. You’ll learn how to correctly and safely perform your first shot. After a while, it would become nothing more than just a routine.


1) Understand Your Testosterone

Testosterone comes in varying concentrations and esters.

Some popular testosterone injection esters are Enanthate and Cypionate. These are long testosterone forms that do not require a frequent injection for maintaining stable testosterone levels in your blood. At the same time, there’s Testosterone Propionate which is short base testosterone requires daily injections. Each of them comes with advantages and disadvantages. However, long-based testosterones are usually the most preferred ones. Especially for beginners. Obviously, to perform as less injections as possible.

Moreover, different testosterones have different concentrations. While you may find testosterone coming in a concentration of 100 mg/ml, there are others that offer up to 500 mg/ml. It means that each ml (cc) injected offers either 100 mg or 500 mg of testosterone, depending on the concentration. The most common ones range between 200 mg and 300 mg per ml (cc).

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In the end, it’s vital for you to understand the concentrations and double check the dosages you’re about to use. Choose the pre-determined dosage and make sure to use it correctly. Higher dosages can be dangerous. Lower ones might not offer the same level of benefits as expected.

2) Use Only Sterile Accessories

While it might be obvious, some people might think that it’s not a big deal. In reality, it’s tremendously important for you to use exclusively sterile accessories. Exactly as with all other injections (regardless if it’s testosterone or not), be sure to use suitable and never-before-used syringes and especially needs. A dirty needle can cause nasty infections in the best scenario. Deadly diseases like hepatitis and HIV in the worst. So, make sure to use only those needles and syringes that are clean and sealed. Uncap the needle only right before injecting testosterone. In case you drop the needle or the syringe – throw it away. Regardless if it’s already filled with testosterone. The risk of infection is too high!2ml-Syringe-Needle

However, except from using sterile and clean needles and syringes, make sure to use suitable ones too. For example, Testosterone is actually a pretty oily and viscous solution (like most other injectable anabolic steroids). That’s why I highly recommend you use 2 needles for performing a single shot. You will need a thicker bore needle for drawing up the dosage. It makes it easier for drawing. Then you’ll need a thinner needle because the thick needles can be especially painful. So, I would recommend a 20 gauge needle for drawing up your dosage. Then, I would recommend replacing it with a 22-23 gauge needle when it comes to actually performing the injection.

About syringes – maximum 2 mL (cc). The reason I say a maximum of 2 mL syringes is because I wouldn’t recommend using more than 2 mL per shot. Doing so increases the risks of PIPs (Post Injection Pains), especially for beginners. Therefore, 1 mL (cc) and 2 mL (cc) syringes are the most popular. You can use a 3 mL syringe but I doubt you’re ever going to fill it up.

3) Wash Your Hands

The needle and syringe aren’t the only things that should be sterile. Everything involved in the process of performing an injection must be sterile. You may also use clean gloves if you wish. Although putting on gloves isn’t essential – washing your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water is. That’s reducing the risks of infections. And trust me, you want to reduce the risks of infections as much as possible.

If you’re touching some dirty, unsanitized objects or surfaces before performing the injection – wash them again. Again, keep everything sterile and as clean as possible. Reduce all risks!

4) Draw Your Dosage

Remember the use the correct dosage based on the concentration. If you’re having trouble determining the dosage (or concentration), please contact us so we could assist you further. But if you know your dosage and the concentration – make sure to use the correct dosage. For example, if your testosterone comes in a popular 200 mg/mL concentration, and you need only 100 mg of testosterone, you’ll need 0.5 mL of solution. Make sure to draw the solution exactly to the 0.5 mL (cc) mark on your syringe.

Before you draw it up, first draw air into the syringe equal to the amount of the solution you intend to draw. Wipe the top of the bottle (the lid) with an alcohol wipe (for the same reasons to reduce infections). Insert the needle through the lid and make sure it’s in the medication. Push down the air from the syringe into the bottle with testosterone by fully depressing the plunger. The air inside increases the pressure making it easier to draw the viscous oily solution. It may be hard to draw a thick oily solution without firstly increasing the pressure. Turn the bottle upside down with the syringe inside. The needle is going to point up. Draw out the exact volume of testosterone you need in the syringe.

5) Change Your Needle

So, you got the right amount of testosterone in your syringe so you should change the needle to a smaller one. As explained – the thick needles can be especially painful. There’s no point in trying to save money on a few extra needles and exposing yourself to extra pains.

To switch to a smaller needle while having the medication inside your syringe start by holding the syringe and pointing the needle up in front of you. Draw only a tiny bit of air inside in order to put space in between the solution and the top of the syringe. Obviously, so you wouldn’t spill it. Remove the thick needle (20-21 g) to another sterile and sealed but thinner needle (22 or most commonly – 23 gauge).

6) Aspirate Your Syringe

Aspiration is an extremely important part when performing testosterone injection (or whatever other injectable medication). Aspiration is the process of “flushing” out the air that might be inside the syringe. It is so important because if you would inject air bubbles into your body, it could cause embolism. That’s an extremely serious medication condition – blocking the arterial or venous blood flow! So, be sure there are no air bubbles in the syringe before performing the shot.

How to perform aspiration:

  • With one hand hold the syringe pointing up in front of you. With the thinner needle capped (ready for injection).
  • Slightly whip the syringe to get the air bubbles to rise to the top of the syringe. Search for air bubbles inside. Do it until there are no more bubbles in the solution.
  • Slowly press the plunger making the solution go up and forcing the air out of the syringe. Do it carefully. Stop when there’s a tiny drop of the medication coming out at the tip of your needle as it means there’s no more air left inside.

7) Warm Your Solution

A lot of people report that warming up the solution is very helpful in reducing Post Injection Pains (PIPs). Warming a shot may significantly reduce injection pain. That’s why you could try to heat up a little bit the solution. Warming an injection is a cost-free tip that emergency physicians take to reduce pains from a shot. There are various methods to heat up the syringe. Some include water baths, baby food warmers, and syringe warmers.

Obviously, there’s no need to boil it. But heating up to the room temperature or slightly higher is a good idea.

8) Prepare Your Injection Site

Anabolic steroids including Testosterone are intramuscular injections. This means that injections go directly into a muscle. The most common muscles are larger ones. Usually, people inject into thighs, glutes, and deltoids. Although there are other places where you can perform intramuscular injections – these are the most popular. I wouldn’t recommend going for other muscles, especially for beginners. Because it’s not as easy to make sure you inject into a muscle, to avoid injecting into a vein or to avoid hitting a nerve. The gluteal region is not as accessible as the thighs, that’s why the thighs are usually the first injection sites for beginners. The deltoids are not as big muscles as thighs or gluteal regions, so not as popular. If you go for the gluteal region (butt cheeks), go for the top outside the region of the glut.


Once you chose your injection site – wipe the area around. That is going to kill the bacteria on the skin, thus reducing the risks of infection. As said numerous times – try to prevent infection at all costs. Let the skin dry.

  • PS: We highly recommend changing the injection site often. This gives time for your muscles to recover back. Too often injections in a single muscle might lead to pains and infections.
  • PPS: Anabolic steroids including testosterone work on your entire body (all muscles) not only on the muscles you inject into.

9) Injecting


Hold the syringe loaded with the medication, aspired, and with the thinner needle capped like a dart with one hand. Hold it at 90 degree angle right above the already sterile (wiped with an alcohol pad) injection site. Commonly for beginners – the thigh. With the other hand (with your finger and thumb) stretch the skin to allow the needle to easier pierce through the skin. Quickly insert the needle into the flesh with one single quick and steady move. Make sure you fully inserted the needle.

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Hold the syringe and with the hand you were stretching your skin, draw back the plunger a little bit. Make sure that you do not draw blood into the syringe. If you notice you’re drawing blood, remove the needle, change another needle and go for a different injection spot. Drawing blood means that you hit a vein and injecting is a bad idea.

If you don’t draw blood – slowly depress the plunger all the way down. Inject it slowly and carefully at a controlled pace. Don’t do it too slowly or too fast. About 20 seconds per mL (cc) is perfect.

Notice that experiencing moderate discomfort (pressure, sensation, stinging, etc.) is normal. Especially for a beginner with “virgin” muscles. This type of pain is likely to disappear with time. Severe pain is a sign that you’re likely doing something wrong.

10) Post Injection

So, you fully depressed the plunger which means that you fully injected the medication. We can congratulate you on your first self performed intramuscular injection. However, before we do that, you need to know there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to after injection.

After you slowly pulled the needle out of your skin, apply a bit of pressure with a cotton swab at the needle entry point. If needed, apply a sterile band-aid. Make sure you cover the needle entry point with a sterile cotton ball or/and band-aid, for the same reason of reducing infection risks.sustanon-testosterone-blend-odin-pharma

Make sure to never use the same accessories twice. All syringes, band-aids, needles, etc. are for one-time use. Never use expired medications. Make sure you have proper storage conditions for them.

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