Testosterone Propionate Half Life

Testosterone Propionate is a type of testosterone that is considered a slow releasing anabolic steroid since it has a short half life. Testosterone Propionate is a fasting acting testosterone version which is very valuable by those people who need to run a short steroid cycle, or need a fast increase in testosterone since this version of testosterone is having a shorter time needed for the optimal blood plasma levels to be fully achieved – all because of the faster release of testosterone in the system.

That’s all, then again, thanks to testosterone propionate half life.

Testosterone Propionate half life is considered to be about 20 hours (less than a day). Nonetheless, there are some studies and sources suggesting that it can be as long as about 3 days or so.

We can assume that it depends from a person to another, depending in various factors such as age, gender, general health condition and others. So, to make a safe bet we can say:

Testosterone Propionate Half Life is ranged between 1 and 3 days.

Because of this, it allows users to run shorter cycles compared to longer based testosterone versions such as Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate that are usually run for no less than 12 weeks or even longer.

In comparison, Testosterone Propionate cycles can be short, ranged between 8 to 10 weeks, sometimes it can be as short as 6 weeks only and that’s still going to be enough to display great effectiveness due to great boost in testosterone levels.

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Propandrol-100-mg-balkan-new-label-Rebranding-e1554923630391 Thanks to short Propandrol – Testosterone Propionate half life, testosterone can peak in the blood within a few hours of being administered and can be metabolized over three days only, which is very different from other versions of testosterone that requires way more for peak in blood to be achieved and requires way longer for the compound to be metabolized.

Whilst Enandrol – Testosterone Enanthate and Cipandrol – Testosterone Cypionate are having very little differences overall (since they are offering similar half life), Propandrol – Testosterone Propionate is different due to dramatic difference in half life. That’s why is often used for other uses than other 2 versions of testosterone.

You need to know about the pros and cons of testosterone propionate half life and by weighing them to make a decision which version of testosterone is suitable for your needs.


Pros of Testosterone Propionate Half Life

The fact that Testosterone Propionate – Propandrol has a shorter half life comes with some positive, some of which were described earlier.

For example, this compound is going to reach peak in blood within hours after administered, therefore it would take effect really fast. Other than that, this version of testosterone is going to get flushed out of your system really fast too. This would result in lower risks of being caught at an anti doping test.

The detection time is about 2-3 weeks or so after the last administration. That’s much shorter (2-3 months) compared to Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate.

Cons of Testosterone Propionate Half Life

The compound enters and flushes out of system fast. As expected, the injections of this version of testosterone has to be way more frequent. Frequent administration is considered a drawback, since it comes in form of injections and sometimes, they can be painful.

Injections should be administered every day or at least every other day. That’s much frequent injections compared to other version of testosterone like enanthate or cypionate that are used once or maximum twice per week.



Except for different half life of Testosterone Propionate – Propandrol with other esterified testosterones, there are no other differences at all. You get the same hormone – testosterone, that’s why it works the same way when reaching your system.

The difference is in how fast and how long it would remain in the system. How much it would affect you, depends on the cycle length and dosage.


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