Testosterone Undecanoate Half Life

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Is a very well known fact that Testosterone is an extremely important (essential) hormone for athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders. In fact, this hormone is essential for a normal life for every human being, especially for males, but this is one of the most important hormones when talking about physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Scientists have developed a way to create synthetic testosterone that can be introduced in the body and it would work the exact same way as our natural testosterone, without any differences at all.

However, testosterone itself is having an extremely short elimination half life of only about 2-4 hours and that’s why, scientists started to attached an “ester” to the hormone for extending the half life of the main compound.

The ester is delaying the release of the main product after it is introduced in the body and different esters are having different elimination half lives. So, the first ester added to testosterone was propionate which extended the half life of 1-3 days. There were numerous other esters added until scientists discovered Undecanoate – currently the longest ester added to Testosterone.

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Testosterone Undecanoate Elimination Half Life

Testosterone Undecanoate half life is considered to be around 21 days when it comes as Tea Seed Oil and about 34 days when it comes as Castor Oil.

Therefore, Testosterone Undecanoate half life is considered the longest compared to all other forms of testosterone.

However, this is true only if Testosterone Undecanoate is used as injection.

Forms of Testosterone Undecanoate

As mentioned, Testosterone Undecanoate comes in form of injection which should be used intramuscularly. Usually it comes as brand name Aveed and Nebido (although is sold as Testosterona U by Balkan Pharma for a cheaper price) but it also could be found as other brand names.

Testosterone Undecanoate also might be found in different testosterone mixes (although is not a part of the most popular testosterone blend called Sustanon or Sustandrol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals).

Nonetheless, Testosterone Undecanoate is also found as a form of oral version that is used by mouth and most commonly is sold as brand Andriol and Jatenzo (although could be found as others), yet the orals are very ineffective and therefore, unpopular.

  • Despite the fact that same version of testosterone is used, form of administration is having a huge impact on Testosterone Undecanoate half life.

The half life of Andriol or Jatenzo (or any other brand of oral Testosterone Undecanoate) is still unknown, however is considered to be fairly short and that’s because you’re going to need a dosing of at least twice a day. That’s why you will need to use it at least twice daily, recommended every 12 hours.

  • NOTE! Is important to know that since Testosterona U – Testosterone Undecanoate is very oil, when the ester weight is subtracted, almost half of the dosage administered is remaining of actual testosterone. For example, capsules coming as 40 mg would offer only 25 mg of raw testosterone.

Yet, there’s Testosterone Undecanoate half life that is considered to be very long and long mean residence time when is being administered as a depot intramuscular injection.

As said, around 21 days elimination half life and a mean residence time of about 35 days in tea seed oil and about 34 days elimination half life and a mean residence time of about 36 days in castor oil.

Compared to Testosterone Enanthate which is considered one of the most popular version of testosterone, has a half life of 7 days and mean residence time of about 10 days.

Testosterona U – Testosterone Undecanoate half life, therefore, highly depends on the form of administration. It was originally made for oral administration, but then it was noticed that intramuscular injections are maintaining stable blood levels much better, that’s why injections are way better now.

That’s why testosterone undecanoate is given only once every 8 to 12 weeks when is used for medical needs such as treatment of low testosterone conditions and others. For bodybuilding purposes the administration is much more frequent – once every 1 or 2 weeks. But that’s still not as frequent as with other testosterone versions – once every day up to once every 3-5 days.

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