Primobolan with the active substance called Methenolone is an amazing steroid with unique benefits and properties. On paper, Primobolan (Methenolone) doesn’t display huge anabolic and androgenic activity. This is the main reason why many people make the mistake of avoiding the use of Primo. They think that Primo is ineffective and worthless.arnold-schwarzenegger-primobolan-methenolone

While Primobolan is indeed less powerful than other steroids, it’s still highly effective.

But it is a steroid that requires to be used correctly for offering those great results.

  • After all, Primo was one of the favorite steroids of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He used this steroid during his Mr. Olympia days. Analyzing Arnie’s physique – it is hard to call Primobolan worthless.

Primobolan Depot vs Oral Primobolan Pills

This is a unique steroid in many aspects, including the fact that you can administer it both as pills and as an injection. Each one of them comes with advantages and disadvantages. But it seems like Primobolan Depot (injection) outweighs the Primo tabs when using it for fitness purposes.

  • Primobolan Depot is known as Methenolone Enanthate. It has a long half life of 7-10 days and you need to administer it only twice a week.
  • Primobolan Tablets is known as Methenolone Acetate. It has a short half life of about 6-9 hours and you need to administer it at least twice per day.

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Other than that, oral Primo tabs are not highly bioactive because they are not C17AA. These tablets are safer for the liver, but the compound is not as effective. Therefore, Methenolone Enanthate is the favorite version among bodybuilders.

Primobolan Benefits

Primo (Methenolone) is a great pre-contest and cutting steroid. This steroid is not going to increase immense amounts of muscles, such as Deca or Anadrol would. Instead, it’s perfect for muscle hardening effects. It makes the muscles toned and hard, while still able to help you gain some lean muscle tissues. At the same time, Primo greatly burns fat. In fact, it is perhaps one of the best fat burner steroids. Maybe with the exception of extremely powerful Trenbolone. But Tren is way too powerful for most people and has nasty side effects.

The mild profile of Methenolone is another benefit. It’s one of the safest steroids out there. It’s not very likely to cause nasty side effects. Even if you’ll notice some side effects (most of which can be controlled), they are going to be milder compared to other steroids.

Primobolan is also going to speed up the muscle recovery and growing process.

  • It makes you appear overall fuller, harder with defined muscle mass. You’re going to get stronger with increased vascularity, increased lean tissues, and decreased fat amounts.


Primobolan Side Effects

As it was just mentioned, Primobolan is not as powerful as other steroids, so it is safer and overall milder in terms of side effects. Nonetheless, you’ve got to know that it still carries some side effects that you’ve got to be careful about.

For example, Methenolone is likely to cause androgen related issues in men (acne, hair loss etc.) and women (virilizing effects) as any other steroid. But since Methenolone is barely androgenic, it is very often used by women.

  • PS: We recommend women using Primobolan to go opt for oral Primo version only. Injections take a lot to get out of your body, unlike pills. In case of developing side effects, Primo tabs would quickly flush out.

Men still need a PCT plan after each cycle with Primobolan to recover their natural HPTA and testosterone production.

Primobolan Cycle


Due to its mild profile, I do not recommend Primobolan used alone. When stacked, users can see the actual benefits of this steroid. Stacking Methenolone with Testosterone is going to offer the true benefits of this compound. Other steroids are often stacked too.

Oral Primobolan is used in doses of at least 50 mg/day by men. Can be as high as 200 mg/day but that’s very rarely. Most commonly is used in 50-100 mg/day. Doses for women are ranging between 10-20 mg/day.

Injection Primobolan dosage is ranging between 300-1000 mg/week. Beginners start at lower doses, but most commonly is used in doses of about 500 mg per week. Women shouldn’t attempt injections.

Cycle lengths are as long as you’re using other steroids. Most commonly that is 8-12 weeks.

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