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Winstrol (Stanozolol) is by far one of the most popular cutting steroids in bodybuilding settings. Whenever a person attempts to get shredded, Winstrol is the first steroid that most steroid users think about. That’s because it is a “dry” steroid that produces significant fat burning effects. At the same time, Winstrol helps grow lean muscle mass.

Stanozolol is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived and that’s why it doesn’t offer water retention or gynecomastia. It cannot aromatize into estrogen so no estrogen related issues would occur while running it.

Overall, this is an amazing steroid with amazing benefits. It would help you display a great muscle definition and make you shredded and ripped. Of course, when a proper diet is maintained and a good training regimen.

But at the same time, Winstrol may offer side effects too. That’s why it is extremely important to learn how to use it properly. With an improper Winstrol dosage, you may either get side effects or not get the expected results.


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Before Running Winstrol Dosage

Is important to know that Winstrol is a liver toxic steroid. It can and most likely would negatively affect your cholesterol health too. So, it is very important to keep Winstrol dosage the lowest effective and cycle length as short as possible. Usually, Winstrol dosage is used anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

When Stanozolol is used as pills, split the total daily dosage into 2 even halves. Example: 50 mg a day is used 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening. Injectable Stanozolol is used once a day because it has a longer half life. But the injectable version is extremely unpopular.

  • During the entire time, you use Winstrol dosage – run liver protective supplements and fish oils. Make sure to have a proper diet and workout the entire time. Have a PCT plan after each Winstrol cycle.

Winstrol Dosage For Beginners

If you have never used Winstrol, it is a good idea to start slowly. In fact, we would recommend starting administering Winstrol only if you had experience with less toxic compounds. Such as Anavar. Winstrol may be too powerful for those who never used steroids.

So, if that’s the first time you use Winstrol, better start off at 20 mg a day.


Winstrol Dosage For Intermediate Users

Those who previously used Winstrol and noticed that the steroid works well for them may increase the dosage. Anywhere between 40-60 mg a day is what intermediate users go for.

50 mg a day of Winstrol dosage is the most common one. This is the sweet spot for most people. Is the perfect balance between the benefits and side effects.

Winstrol Dosage For Professionals

Professionals may adjust Winstrol dosage according to their own needs. Considering they have enough experience with the compound, they can run it as they feel is best for them.

However, Winstrol dosage shouldn’t exceed 100 mg a day. This is way too high a dosage for most people. Nevertheless, anything over it is considered abusive dosage very likely to offer side effects.

Winstrol-dosage-for-woman Winstrol Dosage For Women

Women are not highly recommended by Winstrol because this powerful steroid is more likely to cause virilizing issues. More likely compared to Anavar (Oxandrolone). However, if some women do not find Anavar enough, they may still try Winstrol.

Yet, they should start it at a very low dosage of about 5 mg a day. Rarely do women use more than 10 mg a day of Winstrol. They shouldn’t ever attempt 20 mg a day. In fact, 20 mg a day of Winstrol for a woman is already abusive. At such a dosage a woman is very likely to get virilizing issues.

In The End

Is highly recommended to keep the lowest effective Winstrol dosage. Never increase unless you’re sure what you are doing. Always follow all the precautions when running a Winstrol cycle. This compound can be very effective, but can be just as dangerous!


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