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In this Winstrol review, we would find out some of the most important information about this extremely popular compound. If you’ve ever done any research on anabolic steroids, you most likely have heard about Winstrol because is such a famous product. Why is so famous?

Because Winstrol is the perfect steroid for those people who want to get an extremely good looking physical appearance and / or get their performance to the next level. The anabolic steroid is very widely used all over the world and now you have the chance to buy Winstrol for a very low price here.

But before purchasing it, is a very good idea to find out “What is Winstrol?” in the first place including many other details about this steroid. There are good chances you’ve heard that this compound can make you ripped and muscular offering the “ultimate” beach body and that’s true.

However, in the same time, you also should be careful about the side effects. Generally, there’s a lot you should know about this anabolic steroid before using it and that’s why, we prepared this, hopefully helpful, Winstrol article.

What is Winstrol?

Winstrol that is very often called shortly Winny by a lot of bodybuilders and steroid users, is an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that has become widely popular among millions of people, both professional bodybuilders as well as simple gym goers who were searching for achieving high performance training.

In fact, the anabolic steroid Winstrol is just the brand name (or trade name) which was firstly manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories and now is the most famous brand name of this steroid. The active substance (chemical name) is actually Stanozolol while Winstrol is just the brand name. Nonetheless, you may find Stanozolol as many other trade names except for Winstrol such as Strombafort by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. We call it Winstrol (or shortly Winny) because is the first and the most famous trade name for this compound.


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Nonetheless, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a very well known company selling highest quality medications including steroids. Winstrol is called Strombafort and these 2 are the exact same steroid offering Stanozolol, but offering it for a much lower price from Balkan.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is banned for being used for physique and performance enhancement purposes and yet, this doesn’t stop millions of people all around the globe to still use it taken in consideration that it has a significant impact on the body and offers great benefits. A lot of bodybuilders are using Winstrol mainly during their cutting cycles, having amazing properties for getting lean and muscular.

With Winstrol, users are capable to melt off body fat in the time of preserving lean muscle mass and being a powerful steroid, is considered one of the best for cutting cycles.

Stanozolol has been created for medical purposes, but as bodybuilders experimented with it, they noticed that this is an extremely helpful compound for their needs and therefore, it ended up being super popular. Here are some of the most well known benefits of Winstrol and the actual reasons why so many people use it nowadays:

  • Helps users to burn body fat
  • The body is burning fat converting it into energy
  • You receive lots of energy and stamina levels
  • Users are capable to maintain lean muscle mass during diets
  • With a proper diet and work out, users can grow lean muscles
  • Offers a great bodily outlook with enhanced vascularity
  • Boosts performance levels and enhances strength

What Does Winstrol Do?

Winstrol with the active substance Stanozolol sold as Strombafort here, is doing miracles for those people who want to strip body fat whilst maintaining muscles and that’s why is so famous for cutting cycles. Stanozolol is an anabolic and androgenic steroid and is a very powerful one and the reason why it became so popular is because it offers many various benefits and effects in those who use it. When this product is taken properly, you would notice huge advantages because it creates a perfect anabolic environment whilst burning fat.

Winstrol is used for bodybuilding purposes but is still used for medical purposes too as it was found helpful treating various medical conditions. So Winstrol (Stanozolol) is used both for treating some health issues as well as by those who want to get their physical condition and performance to the next level. Other than that, Winstrol (Stanozolol) is used in veterinary settings too given to animals, mainly horses.

Winstrol is having an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 320 : 30 and that’s very favorable taken in consideration that is not going to offer nasty androgenic side effects whilst remaining anabolic. In addition to that, Winstrol is not capable to convert into estrogen because it cannot aromatize. Stanozolol was derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and that’s why it cannot aromatize.

All of this in combination with the fact that the anabolic steroid can help you to lose body fat makes the compound perfect for cutting cycles – when you want to get rid of water weight and fat in the time you maintain the muscles built in the bulking cycles.


But when used properly, the steroid is capable to increase the muscle mass – lean muscle mass without water retention which are known as “clean muscles”. You would also notice that the energy levels would start increasing too with some psychological boosts as you would get more focused and more motivated.

This anabolic steroid start working really fast and taken in consideration that is super powerful, your body could get a “shock” as too much of new substance that is too powerful enters the system, that’s especially possible when you start using the steroid. That’s why is so important for you to start using the compound slowly without to abrupt increases in doses.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) – Strombafort comes in both oral and injection form (Strombaject Aqua by Balkan), but the oral pills are by far the most popular version of administration. In the end, regardless which form you choose, you receive same compound and they both build up in your system very fast, that’s why you need to be very careful about the side effects – if too much of the steroid is taken and too much of it builds up in the system, it could impact your body in a negative way.

But, with a proper use, Stanozolol is an extremely helpful compound. It binds to the androgen receptors that are found in bones and muscle tissues, being extremely important for the muscle growing process. With high anabolic activity, Stanozolol allows your muscles grow much faster and efficiently. This anabolic steroid is having very favorable effects on the body during training sessions.

  • Except for extra energy, aiding fat loss processes and maintaining your muscles intact, it helps you boost strength levels and has a strong ability to bind to a hormone called SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) and by binding there, your body is capable to get the maximum benefits from steroids. That’s why Winstrol is very often used alongside with other anabolic steroids – it would make them more effective.

When Winstrol is used properly with good training sessions and a diet that’s on point all along with a normal cycle and dosing protocol, users are going to get big effects that are so helpful for anyone who wants to look and perform better.

Effects of Winstrol Cycle

The effects of a Winstrol cycle are extremely helpful for those who want to enhance performance and get a leaner and shredded body. Winstrol (Strombafort) is working as most other steroids by binding to the androgen receptors but as soon as it binds to them, it displays extremely helpful properties.

  • For example, Stanozolol is having a unique modification to the A ring position structurally and that’s what is making this steroid be so helpful when talking about burning body fat processes. Except for helping with body fat boosts, Winstrol basically makes your body “grow”. Your bones and muscles are going to be more powerful and strengthened with a perfect anabolism effect in the body.

A Winstrol cycle is generally going to have a huge effect on the body, being super powerful, you cannot use it without noticing effects, even at lower dosages. And because of short half life, you would notice the effects of the Winstrol cycle very fast.


Winstrol prepares your body for the intense workout sessions, boosting the recovery of broken muscle tissues that got worn out while you were lifting weights, boosting your metabolism, making your body demand more “fuel” and taking it from fat which results in more energy, including various changes in your hormones which help with bodybuilding purposes both physically and psychologically as your body is more prepared to endure more pain and grow faster and more, while your mind is focused and motivated to workout.

In the end, users of Winstrol cycle repot that their bodies are affected in very positive ways as their bodies are starting to grow in size, their muscles significantly increase in a short period of time offering them good results as the muscles are lean, toned and more powerful.

Winstrol is deeply appreciated because of its fat burning properties and that’s because it helps burn fat in various ways. For example, except for increased metabolism, your body’s temperature is increased either and that’s how your burn fat too. Other than that, it inhibits the hormones that are responsible for adding new fat.

In the same time, your body would boost the process of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention while Winstrol is administered.

What Does Winstrol Do To Your Body?

Winstrol (Strombafort) is affecting your body in many various ways and it could have positive effects but in the same time it could offer negative effects on your body. That’s why is extremely important to use this powerful steroid very careful. The way how this anabolic steroid is going to affect your body greatly depends on you personally.

While someone may find Winstrol one of the best steroid in existence, others may get dangerous side effects from it. It all depends on many factors like for example the cycle length of the anabolic steroid, dosage, administration protocol, the lifestyle of the user (work out regimen, his diet etc.) including other factors too.

Is quite obvious that Winstrol works the same way for everyone administering it, however there’s a huge difference in what can be the ultimate results of people using the compound. Here are some examples of what Winstrol does to your body, but that’s taken in consideration you use it properly:

  • The muscles are the first organs that are “changed” by Winstrol. That’s because the compound gives the anabolic environment and that’s what makes your muscles to start increasing in size and make them more powerful with an overall increase in body appearance. The muscles get toned and defined plus they grow, is obvious that a person is capable to get a stronger body look.

One of the best news is that the effects start being noticed extremely fast. A Winstrol cycle is usually short – about 4-8 weeks and that’s going to be enough to offer the great muscle defining effects. With more strength and more muscles, the individuals are capable to increase their maximum lifts.

  • You are burning body fat and as mentioned earlier, Winstrol is burning your body fat through various different methods. Increased metabolism, increased body fat temperature, inhibiting hormones that add more fat and boosting hormones that help burn fat is all making the individual burn fat. Since you get rid of fat layers much faster and you also tone up your muscles, just imagine how shaped body outlook you may receive in a matter of a few weeks.

As a result of everything mentioned earlier, you don’t only burn fat a lot much easier, but you are also capable to greatly increase your energy levels, your endurance and stamina. The combination of all of this with more strength makes you be able to lift much more in the gym, plus you can train for much longer. You would notice that you are capable to train harder and longer soon after starting administering Winstrol.

  • There are lots of body processes that get boosted as soon as Winstrol (Stanozolol) ends up in your system. You do get more powerful and you are capable to perform a lot much better, but you’re also going to get other benefits too. For example, Winstrol is binding to SHBG. This is a hormone that makes other steroids less effective. When Winstrol is administered with other anabolic steroids – they are working in synergy.

Now imagine what Winstrol can do in combination with another cutting steroid if you are searching for burning fat and preserving muscle mass. In a matter of a few weeks, your body look is going to be completely changed. You would inevitably look way much better, you would feel better and in the same time, you would be able to notice that your performance levels are way better either.


Winstrol Results and Benefits

Winstrol – Strombafort is such a famous steroid among bodybuilders for good reasons and that’s because of its crazy benefits. It could offer super helpful results for those who want to grow muscles and get rid of body fat. Winstrol results greatly depends on each individual and that’s why is so highly important to learn about a compound before actually using it. We would share the benefits of the compound and then the side effects.

In the end, with a proper use, you would get mainly benefits and they usually affect your body in terms of making you more motivated, more energetic, more powerful and so on and so forth. That’s because your hormones are affected by Stanozolol. Here are some of the best known and most commonly reported benefits of people who used Winstrol:

  • This is an extremely high effective compound that is helping bodybuilders and users to notice big changes in their body mass and size. The anabolic steroid helps to increase energy and power levels which results in better athletic performance.
  • Lots of muscle mass increase or maintaining the current muscle weight during the low calorie diets. The individual is getting muscle strength, definition and hardness and is allowing customers to reach the training goals much faster. In short period of time, individuals are capable to display high level performance.
  • Losing body fat is another beneficial and among the most famous benefits of Winstrol. Losing fat in a short period of time and in the same time offering muscle increase, the individual is capable to get a defined bodily outlook. In the end, users are capable to achieve their weight and fat loss goals much faster with an overall crazy transformation in body appearance.
  • Except for Stanozolol offering a huge increase in body strength talking about big benefits physically, bodybuilders are also receiving emotional benefits too. They are feeling better, more focused and confident and that’s all helpful allowing bodybuilders to reach their goals faster and easier. With higher concentration levels, with a better mental capability in terms of confidence, focus, mood etc. the individual easier reaches his goals.
  • The key elements for growing muscle mass include: protein blocks, nitrogen retention, red blood cells count with an overall anabolic environment in the body. That’s all what Winstrol offers. Individuals are highly boosting their protein synthesis expanding the entire protein blocks in the system, much better nitrogen retention and increases the count of red blood cells, allowing for more oxygen reaching the muscles. These are only some examples of what Winstrol helps you with in terms of processes and boosts.
  • While you were bulking up, you were inevitably gaining water retention. The water is everywhere in the body, even in the muscles. The muscles with water retention are getting a “puffy” look instead of being hard and defined all toned. This anabolic steroid is exactly what you would benefit from. Winstrol has been found very effective in preventing the water retention and bloating AND helping to flush out the water on the tissue level, making you look ripped with an empowered body. The water would get flushed out of the body on all levels, so you would look defined and your muscles would get less water.

Winstrol Side Effects

As it was earlier mentioned, this is a powerful anabolic steroid and as any other steroids, especially powerful ones like Stanozolol, it could have a negative impact on the body either. It very much depends on how exactly you are going to use the steroid.

You may receive bad influence on your body, but you may get very positive effects when using Winstrol. Is important to know both of them, but to avoid the negative effects – learn how to use it properly below in this article.

The side effects that are being experienced by users of Winstrol cycle greatly depends on the dosage, cycle length, their tolerance and various other factors. In order to get the best effects without receiving side effects and affecting your health and organs, you could apply some methods before using Winstrol, in the meantime as well as after the cycle.

In the end, here are some of the most commonly reported side effects of those who are going through the Winstrol cycle.

  • Winstrol is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid and although it doesn’t have a way too high androgenic activity, androgen related side effects are still possible. Some well known androgenic side effects include: bad skin conditions such as oily skin and even acne, hair loss, abnormal hair growth on body, aggression and various others. Receiving acne or too much hair growth is the vice versa of what a bodybuilder wants – looking good. Genetically prone people are those who most likely would get such side effects.
  • Same applies to women which seem to prefer Winstrol due to high to low anabolic to androgenic ratio that seem to be very possible to receive virilization side effects. It means that a woman is basically is turned into a man through the process of virilization, also called masculinization. They get menstrual irregularities, smaller breasts, deepening of vocal chords, enlarged clitoris, behaving, feeling and looking like a man including others. Reduce or completely stop using Winstrol as soon as you get any virilizing side effects.
  • High blood pressure is another side effect that is reported on Winstrol cycle. Although it cannot aromatize and no estrogenic related side effects would occur, too much increase in red blood cells count may lead to hypertension.
  • Cholesterol negative effects that may lead to cardiovascular effects and even heart related issues. Winstrol has been found to increase LDL (bad levels) of cholesterol and decrease the HDL (good levels) of cholesterol. Make sure to keep an eye on your cholesterol levels.
  • Testosterone suppression is something that absolutely all steroids have and same goes for Winstrol. The suppression rate can be pretty bad and that’s why, very often Winstrol is cycled alongside with testosterone and stopping a Winstrol cycle without a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is going to be a huge mistake. Low testosterone levels condition might offer you the exact opposite of what you are searching for – physique and performance decrease.
  • Other side effects include: feeling restless at night, limited sleep and struggling to get normal sleeping patterns, headaches which may have to do with limited sleep and hypertension, feeling nauseous and generally sick – all of this may very much impact your ability to handle a training and reaching your goals. There are various other side effects too.
  • I guess the most notable and commonly known side effect of Winstrol (Stanozolol) is liver hepatotoxicity. Damage to liver is what you should be mostly aware of and try to stay away from. Hepatoxicity is a commonly reported side effects of almost all orally active steroids, but Winstrol is considered highly toxic and is considered hepatotoxic even if administered in form of injections. That’s why is so extremely important for people to keep their dosages low and cycle length short. The higher the dosage or the longer the cycle – the more elevated the liver enzymes get and the more chances you have to get liver issues such as liver damage (which can be permanent), liver cancer, liver failure and various others.

There are various different methods that you need to follow in order to stay away from the negative side effects. For example liver issues are avoided by adding liver protective supplements and never abusing the compound or adding other substances that can damage your liver even more.

Acne issues can be solved with anti-acne products. Testosterone suppression is getting handled when you follow a PCT plan after the cycle. Cholesterol issues are managed by following a cholesterol friendly diet. Heart issues are avoided with plenty of cardio exercises and so on and so forth.

Almost all side effects can be controlled and managed, you just need to make sure you know how to handle them, how to properly use Winstrol and make sure you are healthy enough to start a Winny cycle.

Winstrol Dosage or How Much Winstrol Should You Take a Day?

Strombafort – Winstrol dosage highly depends on each individual as dosages can be very different. We cannot precisely answer the question “how much Winstrol should you take a day” because there are various factors that come at play. However, your answer is going to be anywhere in between 25 mg and 100 mg per day if you are a man.

  • Winstrol dosage for women is up to maximum 25 mg a day but that’s way too much for most women. They should start at a dosage of about 5 mg a day and usually, women do not need more than 15 mg a day.
  • Cycle length with Winstrol is usually anywhere between 4 up to 6 weeks. Is not recommended longer cycle lengths mainly due to possible liver issues. Women and beginners usually stop at 4 weeks. More advanced users go for 6 weeks. There are some professionals using it for as long as 8 weeks, but that’s greatly increasing the chances of liver issues and side effects so is not recommended.

As said, you could go for injectable Stanozolol known as Winstrol Depot (or Strombaject Aqua by Balkan) or for the far most famous form of administration oral Stanozolol – Winstrol known shortly as Winny. The reason why some people still use injections is because they suggest injectable is a bit stronger than orals.


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The same Strombafort – Winstrol dosage per day should be followed by both forms of administration. The only actual difference between the 2 is that one should be injected and the other one swallowed and the injection Stanozolol has a half life of 24 hours but oral Winstrol half life is about 9 hours.

That’s why injection is used only once a day but Winstrol pills are used at least 2 times a day. For example, Winstrol pills are taken in the morning and in the evening by splitting in half the total daily dosage. Others use the total daily dosage 3 times throughout the day.

Winstrol is recommended to be taken in cutting cycles, although is sometimes added in bulking cycles, it does a much better job in cutting. Most common dosage per day of Winstrol is 50 mg and cycle length of 6 weeks, usually alongside with other steroids such as testosterone base or other cutting compounds.

Is highly recommended for beginners to start with a low dosage and only increase when they are feeling that they can tolerate more. Increasing the dosage from the beginning is increasing the side effects.

Is a safer option to run Winstrol in a lower dosage until your body gets used to its effects.

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strombafort A lot of people heard about Winstrol but when purchasing it, they discovered that it could be a hard task. That’s because there are a lot of fake Winstrol products that float around the market which do not contain Stanozolol.

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