Dianabol Review – Is It Worth?

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In this article, you would find Dianabol review where you would be able to read the most important information about Dianabol answering the question: “Is it worth?” including many others. You would find information about Dianabol cycles, what you can expect out of using it in terms of benefits as well as side effects including many other important information.

There’s a very high chance that you’ve previously heard about Dianabol if you’ve ever done a research on most helpful compounds for physique and performance enhancement and even if you’ve been a regular gym-goer for the last few months.

That’s because Dianabol is an extremely famous steroid and usually, if you’ve seen someone saying he’s using Dianabol, he’s one of the most jacked up guys in your gym. This compound is so famous, that almost every single bodybuilder or any other steroid user who’s ever taken steroids, he has been on Dianabol at some point.

That’s all making this anabolic and androgenic steroid the most famous and widely used steroid in the world for bodybuilding purposes

The reason is that Dianabol is an extremely helpful and powerful steroid when talking about muscle growth and strength increase.

People who go on Dianabol path, they usually are those that are biggest around, or at least they are trying to become some of the biggest guys out there. Many people dream about getting huge muscle mass and they want to reach it immediately, without waiting months or often even years – the best thing they can add to their daily schedule is Dianabol for reaching it.

On the other hand, there are those who are worried about the side effects, taking in consideration that Dianabol is an extremely powerful steroid, worrying about the side effects is normal and even recommended.

  • The problem is that many people assume Dianabol is extremely dangerous, that’s because is the steroid that helps you get jacked really fast and is the most famous out there. In reality, Dianabol is so famous because is super helpful as well as fairly safe in terms of side effects, but only as long as you know how to use it properly.

Now, check this Dianabol review if you’re wishing to get big and do it really fast. Or if you’re a person who has plateaued from gains and you can’t go further naturally, but you would really like to go further regardless.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol that is often called Dbol is the first and most famous brand name of the active substance Methandienone or Methandrostenolone. Everyone calls it Dianabol or Dbol, but any other brand/ trade name containing the active substance is the same Dianabol – just sold under different name, such as Danabol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. An extremely famous brand for offering high quality Dbol for low price.

This is an orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that is coming in form of tablets most often (there is an injection form but much less popular and used) and is considered extremely helpful during a bulking cycle, therefore is a bulking steroid.

It was originally designed to aromatize less than testosterone, but it ended up much more aromatizable, therefore it has a high estrogenic activity, combined with a very favorable anabolic and androgenic ratio of 90-210:40-60 which is super favorable by bodybuilders.

Dianabol was used in the past for medical purposes, then it got discontinued. Now is extremely famous for physique and performance enhancement, for bulking up – gaining muscles. In fact, is considered the most famous and popular steroid for such needs.

Dianabol (Methandienone) has a half life of 3-6 hours and that’s why it should be administered multiple times a day for maintaining stable blood levels and get the most out of it.

The steroid is used by almost all steroid users at some point, even including Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other bodybuilding legends.

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Check below the Pros and Cons of administering Dianabol (Danabol). If you’re thinking whether you should or not use it – you need to read it below.

Dianabol Pros

  • Crazy Muscle Growth
  • Amazing Strength Increase
  • Huge Pumps

Crazy Muscle Growth and Amazing Strength Increase

Most likely you already knew that Dianabol (Danabol) is very likely to offer these benefits.

However, there are many people who want to get more detailed explanation and therefore, they wonder: How much muscles exactly you will be able to build while running Dianabol?

Well, nobody is going to be able to answer that question precisely because this all depends on many different factors. Like for example it depends on:

  • Your dosage
  • Cycle length
  • Personal response to steroid
  • Either you use Dbol alone or you’re stacking it with other steroids and depends on what other steroids
  • Your diet as well as your workout regimen and few other things.

However, according to many people who already used Dianabol and they used Dbol by itself properly, most of them claim that in a short 4-weeks cycle length they were capable to gain an impressive amount of about 20 lbs or so.

Obviously, there are those who gained less in the same period, once again, it depends on their dosage, diet, workout regimen and other factors.

Nevertheless, that’s not the limit. That’s because there are people who reported stacking Dbol with other powerful bulking steroids such as Testosterone (usually long based) as well as Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) in a 6-8 weeks cycle and that may result in even more gains of 40 lbs.


With all of this being said, you may wonder: What’s Dianabol Dosage?

Everyone should learn more about this if they never used the compound – an overdose is what usually leads to negative side effects, that’s why, if you want to stay safe, learn how to use it. Dosages are affecting your gains, that’s why many people jumpstart with a high dosage as usually, the higher the dosage – the more the gains.

That’s going to be a mistake because whilst that’s true, is also true that the higher the dosage – the more the side effects. That’s why we recommend a beginner to start with 30 mg ideally. Increase the dosage to 50 mg with time when you got used to the steroid.

However, this is not the limit. If you already have enough experience on running Dianabol (Danabol) and you’re not longer a beginner, then you could increase the dosage up to about 70-80 mg per day, if you feel that you want and can tolerate more.

Obviously, there are people reports suggesting they experimented with higher doses than 80 mg a day of Dbol but that’s rarely reported because according to those few reports – that dosage is going to highly increase the risks of side effects and is barely going to increase the benefits and gains.

That’s why we don’t recommend a higher dosage than 80 mg a day of Dianabol (Danabol).

This steroid is claimed to be one of the best that you can find for increasing strength levels, that’s mainly because of the fact how much of muscle and weight you would be able to gain whilst running Dbol. Except for huge increase in muscles, you would also notice that the testosterone levels are going to skyrocket. This results in a spike of strength levels.

You may have heard from some people that running Dianabol is going to be beneficial for gaining muscles only during the cycle itself, that’s because all of those muscles are going to be lost as soon as you come off Dbol cycle.

There are a lot of people which proven the fact that this statement is a myth and that’s because according to their experiences – most of the muscles they were capable to gain stays untouched if they go through a proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and they are permanent.

The reason why this is still discussed is that you’re still going to lose some weight – however, that’s going to be the water weight gained during the cycle. Other than that, not going through a good PCT protocol would lower your testosterone levels drastically and that’s what makes you lose muscles so drastically.

  • By properly doing everything, you would expect only a little weight loss after Dbol cycle and that’s only going to be water weight.

Huge Pumps

With all of that being mentioned, is time for talking about another huge benefit of Dianabol (Danabol) and that’s the ridiculously huge pumps users can get from running it.

You know what types of pumps I’m talking about? The Arnold Schwarzenegger type pf pumps during his scene in Pumping Iron. The bodybuilding legend Arnie is a well known user of Dbol in his prime and is a perfect example of how Dianabol can work if used properly.


  • That’s a huge benefit of Dbol and the reason why it helps you gaining such huge pumps is due to the fact that the active substance Methandienone (or Methandrostenolone) is causing lots of intracellular water retention. As it was earlier mentioned, the compound was supposed to have less aromatization than testosterone when was created more than 50 years ago, but it ended up being much more aromatized.

This is what causes so much water retention and what makes your muscles look a lot much bigger. This is what many people call “puffy muscles” as fluid is drawn into the muscle cell and therefore, they look huge.

A combination of this with some big pumps in the gym and you are going to feel as if your biceps are going to explode – that’s how big they look.

But that’s not the only thing what makes you get such immense pumps. Dianabol (Danabol) is also known as a steroid that is going to offer a big spike in your testosterone levels. When you administer it, the testosterone levels would be a lot more than those you would naturally have and that’s why, the more of this hormone you have, the more Red Blood Cells (RBC) your body is going to produce.

The more red blood cells count you have, the more blood flow.

This is very helpful for increasing strength levels and growing muscle mass too as many bodybuilders are searching for ways to increase RBC count.

Dianabol Cons

  • Increased Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Testicular Atrophy (Shrinkage)
  • Liver Toxicity (Hepatotoxic)

Increased Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

As it was earlier mentioned, Dianabol is known to increase red blood cells count and as said – this leads to more blood flow, and while this is helpful for growing muscles, too much RBC leads to too much blood flow and therefore and increased blood pressure which is the condition known as hypertension.

As it was earlier explained, there are 2 main reasons why Dbol is known to cause this condition.

  1. First of all, Dianabol is known to cause your body to retain more water and this is well known to increase blood pressure. This is not specific to Dianabol only. That’s because absolutely anything that is going to result in some more water weight retention is going to offer more blood pressure. Like for example, eating too much salt is known for causing water retention, this results in spike of blood pressure. Supplementing with creatine monohydrate is another example that can cause it. But there are tons of other things that can cause it.
  2. The second thing that should be mentioned is the fact that Dianabol is causing your testosterone levels to skyrocket and as said, this is known to offer more red blood cells count. More RBC results in more blood flow and blood pressure. Plus, the testosterone levels that are going way too high are known to boost the bad type of cholesterol (LDL – Low Density Lipoprotein).

Testicular Atrophy (Shrinkage)

That sounds strange that Dianabol (including almost all other steroids) is capable to offer testicular atrophy taken in consideration that your testosterone levels are going to fly off the charts. Is a well known fact that the more testosterone levels you have, the more your testicles are.

In fact, is the other way around – the more the size of your testicles, the more testosterone you have because testicles is the main source of testosterone. However, this is when it becomes problematic. Because you get way too much of testosterone from Dianabol, your body “thinks” that is producing way too much testosterone (way more than your body needs) and that’s why, your body is going to stop producing this helpful hormone.

By continuing to use Dianabol for too long (or other steroids), it would result in shrinkage of testicles since they are “not being used”.

  • This is exactly the reason why your balls shrink and why your testosterone levels are going so low (way low than they should) after you stop taking Dianabol or any other steroids. You do not get testosterone anymore from the steroids, and your body stopped producing testosterone. This is the reason why a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is so crucial to be used after absolutely every single steroid cycle. It would maintain high testosterone levels artificially until your testicles regrow and recover back. Plus, a PCT helps them to recover faster.

In the end, your testicles are going to regrow back to their original size as soon as your testosterone levels are going to come back to their normal range. When using a PCT, that’s a matter of several weeks, without one, that’s a matter of several months, sometimes more.

Liver Toxicity (Hepatotoxicity)

As it was mentioned, Dianabol is an orally active steroid and most other orally active steroids are C17 alpha alkylated. This means that the compound is hepatotoxic.

Is a well known fact that most steroids are hepatotoxic and this means that the steroids are hard on the liver. To explain it shortly – hepatotoxic compounds are not good for the liver.

Being hard on the liver doesn’t mean that it would offer liver failure. Although that’s possible, that’s highly unlikely to occur even during many cycles, unless you’re already having pre existing liver issues.

However, it definitely doesn’t mean that the compound is good for the liver. It may affect it in a bad way.

  • That’s the reason why we always recommend those who plan to use Dianabol or any other hepatotoxic steroids to check their liver before actually doing so, testing it in the meantime to see how it affects it and then a final test at the end to check if it wasn’t affected too much. Measure the liver values as your doctor is going to be able to say if your liver is too strained. If this applies, just stay away from running Dbol and any other steroids until your liver is going to get fully healed.
  • Other than that, we highly recommend to stay away and avoid as much as possible other hepatotoxic substances. It could be Over the Counter (OTC) medicines, alcohol consumption and other things.
  • Lastly, we would highly recommend you to add some supplements to your steroid cycle. Adding cycle supporting supplements and products would help with this. Usually, that’s some liver protective compounds.

Other things to mention about Dianabol

  • Oral Dianabol only cycle is best suitable for beginners
  • Oral Dianabol stack with other bulking steroids is going to work best for bigger muscle gains
  • Use the compound multiple times a day for maintaining stable blood levels
  • Never exceed 8 weeks cycle length, but it would be best to stop at 4-6 weeks.
  • Add ancillaries. They would keep you away from side effects

Dianabol For Newbies

There are a lot of people who assume that testosterone is the only good steroid for beginners and while this steroid is indeed very suitable for newbies, Dianabol (Danabol) also can be taken for such needs as it would work really well.

If you remember, it was mentioned that Dianabol is not as dangerous as many people tend to think about it. Part of the reason why is so famous, is because is helpful and not too dangerous. That’s why it can be used for newbies, but with special care.

Is important to remember that there’s injectable Methandienone (Dbol). Although is not as popular and widely used, some people still get it. Nevertheless, injection version of Dbol is not recommended for beginners because is a more powerful and potent version than the oral Dianabol.

In case there’s someone who do want to run Dianabol as their first steroid cycle then be warned that this is a powerful steroid and you should start slowly. Add cycle supporting supplements, run it for a short cycle length and don’t use any other toxic steroids whilst running it. This would increase the risk of negative side effects.

Dianabol Cycle Stacks

As mentioned, you should run Dianabol stacks during steroid cycles when you’re no longer a beginner. Make sure that you’re having some experience with steroids under your belt and that you are capable to tolerate multiple steroids together. Also, use it only when you’re serious about gaining as much muscle mass as it could be possible (because sometimes, people might not have such goals).

Also, keep in mind that Dianabol (Danabol) is used in bulking cycles (for growing muscle mass) and that’s why is best used for other anabolic steroids that are meant for growing muscle mass and strength. Although there are people stacking it with other compounds – they have different goals.


So, most often and best would be to stack Dianabol (Danabol) with:

Before adding any of them, make sure that you read a lot about them and you know what to expect. There are absolute professionals that add all of them in the same stack during a cycle and in such cases, the muscle and strength are simply going to explode growing.

Dianabol Review: Conclusion

danabol Dianabol (Dbol) sold as Danabol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals containing Methandienone or also known as Methandrosternolone is one of the best anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that you can find for bulking up when you would build lean muscle mass and get extremely powerful – that’s why is the most famous and widely used steroid for such needs.

Oral Dianabol (Danabol) is a very powerful steroid that is relative safe so it can be taken by beginners too. Nonetheless, is very important for you to get a real steroid and to learn how to properly administer it with relatively short cycles and mild doses, for avoiding getting any nasty side effects.

You can freely buy Dianabol for sale directly from our source BalkanPharmaceuticals.to and make sure you would purchase the best product available in terms of quality for the lowest price.

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