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Primobolan Depot indicates the injectable form of this androgenic and anabolic steroid. Primobolan is a very well known and an overall very popular steroid because of its high safety profile due to its mild nature both when talking about anabolic and androgenic nature.

Primobolan was created and used (and is still used in medical settings) for treating severe weight loss, muscle wasting diseases as well as multiple other medical conditions. With this being said, is obvious lots of bodybuilders found the compound so helpful.

  • Primobolan Depot is the injectable version of the steroid with the chemical name Methenolone. Primobolan Depot indicates the injectable version of Methenolone which comes with the attached ester Enanthate.
  • There’s also the oral Primobolan version that is coming in form of oral pills, also containing Methenolone but is known as Methenolone Acetate.

Also, Primobolan is just the brand name of the steroid. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is offering Primobolan as brand Primobol.


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You can get both versions of Methenolone (acetate – oral; or enanthate – injectable) from Balkan Pharma as brand Primobol. Be sure that Primobolan and Primobolan by Balkan is same product, but you get it for a cheaper price from Balkan and overall best quality possible.

Primobolan – Primobol is mostly so popular because is known to be the “cleanest and gentlest” anabolic steroid that you could find on the market. This steroid is not going to aromatize, is very low in androgenic activity and is non toxic for your liver. Although it does offer some negative side effects, they are nothing in comparison to most powerful steroids like for example Trenbolone.

Despite the fact that Primobolan – Primobol (Methenolone) is a quite safe steroid and mild in its nature, is still capable to offer great results and completely change your physical appearance.

Is important to understand: since is a mild anabolic steroid, you cannot expect to gain a lot of weight and to add some unbelievable and miraculous records to the maximum lifts making you overly powerful, nonetheless, with a good diet and with a consistent training program, the physique of the user is going to greatly change and you would feel better all along with better performance, when Primobolan Depot (Primobol) is added to the cycle.


Primobolan Depot and Oral Primobolan Differences

Oral Primobolan (Primobol) coming in form of pills is having its advantages, nonetheless, is still seems that Primobolan Depot (Primobolan) coming in form of injection is much more popular in the world of bodybuilding.

Oral Primobolan coming as pills is obviously way easier to be administered: swallowing pills is much easier than injecting yourself with Primobolan Depot.

Plus to that, oral Primobolan is the only oral steroid that is not C17 alpha alkylated, meaning that is not going to be liver toxic as other oral steroids. Nonetheless, Primobol is 1 alkylated and 17 beta esterified and this means that the bioavailability of the compound is very low after it gets broken down by the liver.

So, except for the fact that oral Primobolan should be used multiple times a day in order to maintain stable blood levels, you’ve also got to use much higher dosages in order for sufficient Methenolone to reach your blood stream and offer enough results.

Therefore, Primobolan Depot (Primobol) known as Methenolone Enanthate is way more popular.

It can be used only once or maximum twice a week to be enough to maintain stable blood levels and you need way less of it to offer amazing gains since is much more effective compared to oral version: Methenolone Acetate.

Primobolan Depot Dosage and Administration

Primobolan Depot – Primobol dosage is falling anywhere in the range of about 400 and 800 mg per week. primobolan-depot-arm

  • Beginners would find doses of 400 mg per week to be enough to offer them amazing results.
  • Nonetheless, professionals would use doses of 800 mg per week. There are people using higher doses, but that’s not very recommended.
  • Higher doses than 600 mg per week should be used only by people who hve enough experience with the compound.

Is not very recommended to use Primobolan for longer cycle lengths than 8 weeks. Some professionals use it for longer periods but then again, you need to have lots of experience with the compound.

Primobolan – Primobol is not used in bulking cycles as it won’t have too many benefits. Instead, is used with great success in cutting cycles and Primobolan Depot is often stacked with other steroids. We recommend a combination of Primobolan Depot with a testosterone base steroid (usually Testosterone EnanthateEnandrol).

People with more experience may add TrenboloneParabolan and/ or WinstrolStrombafort (Stanozolol) for the ultimate cutting cycle.


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