What Is Somatropin?


Somatropin or Somatotropin is the same Human Growth Hormone that is occurring naturally (secreted by the pituitary gland). But is a laboratory version of the hormone. This means that Somatropin is the same HGH but is produced synthetically in laboratories. This peptide hormone (known as a protein hormone) is extremely important for every human and animal. That’s because it is known to stimulate the growth on the cellular level.

Therefore, HGH is a vital hormone for everyone and especially for children who are growing.


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Somatropin – HGH Uses

The highest HGH levels are during the early years (when we’re children). Then it starts decreasing as we reach adulthood and continues to decrease through older years.


That’s the reason why a lot of older people who are given Somatropin start to feel and look much younger.

  • That’s why Somatropin is often called “the fountain of youth”.

But except for that, SomatotropinSomatropin HGH is also very popular in bodybuilding stages.

  • Obviously, because it is great when talking about increasing muscle size.

This protein hormone has endocrine functions in living animals that is synthesized in cells from amino acids. It is also responsible for the growth of muscles, bones, cell reproduction, cell regeneration too.

  • Therefore is the main hormone that helps us recover and heal from injuries.

Other than that, Somatropin is stimulating the production of IGF-1. That’s an extremely important hormone for bodybuilders.

  • IGF-1 is known to grow muscle mass as well as increase glucose concentration and free fatty acids.

In the end, Somatropin is the laboratory (synthetic) made protein (peptide) hormone that is increasing the levels of HGH as soon as it is being administered. Therefore, Somatropin is the same HGH, and Human Growth Hormone has a lot of benefits for a person, being an extremely important hormone.

Nonetheless, is important to know that if you’re going to use too much Somatropin you’ll have too high levels of HGH. So, you are likely to receive negative side effects. Too much HGH level is the main reason for gigantism. But bodybuilders may get various different side effects too in an attempt to get their muscles larger and use high dosages.

Somatropin History

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or Somatropin has been able to isolate in its pure form in the 1970s. This was possible only after scientists had numerous attempts to obtain a high quality extract of HGH from the pituitary gland from corpses.

As a result, this hormone has been (and is still nowadays) given to children who are having stunt disorders (growth disorders) and are too small for their age. Nonetheless, is quite obvious that with time, Somatropin HGH ended up being very popular in sports. It started to become more and more popular. Nowadays it has overshadowed almost any other performance enhancement drug on the field.

That’s because it is hard to find another compound that is going to help you improve performance and body strength as much as HGH would.

At the same time, it does so in a pretty safe manner. Yet, the compound is safe as long as it is used properly.

But at the same time is extremely effective for fitness purposes, anti aging purposes as well as various medical needs.


HGH – Somatropin Conclusion

Somatropin HGH is very beneficial for everyone when used in normal amounts. It was proven helpful for older people who are not feeling well. But as mentioned, this hormone is very important for those who want to build muscles, something that’s quite obvious, taking into consideration that is a Growth Hormone.

You should know that nowadays, Somatropin is synthesized artificially. Nonetheless, is an extremely pricey compound to manufacture. Therefore is way more pricey than many other Performance Enhancement Drugs (PEDs).

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes, counterfeits, low quality, and low purity HGH products floating on the market. You can be sure you avoid all of them by using our source of PEDs.

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