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Dianabol is an extremely famous and widely used anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) in the world of bodybuilding and physique improvement. This compound is widely all over the world used despite its legal status in many countries – being banned. Dianabol was legal in the past, given as a prescription to people suffering from various health conditions such as HIV and AIDS muscle wasting syndrome and various others.

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Dianabol legal status was then changed as a result of many people abusing the compound and developing health complications. Due to lack of knowledge about this anabolic steroid, lots of users were administering it improperly which led to the current Dianabol legal status in many countries.

  • Anyway, still, Dianabol is legal in some countries, but is illegal in other countries. For example, Dianabol is illegal to sell and possess without a prescription in the USA, however is still legally available over the counter in Mexico and Turkey, for example, as well as other countries.
  • Other than that, for example, in UK steroids are not illegal to possess for personal use, nonetheless, it is illegal to sell them without a license, this includes Dianabol (this means that only pharmacies with according license can sell them legally, and you can’t get them for physique and performance enhancement needs as you would need a script for purchasing them).

Once again, despite Dianabol legal status, a lot of people all over the world (even including in USA and UK etc.) are still using the compound with high success rate. That’s because the compound is safe to use when is used properly and is capable to offer amazing results for physique and performance enhancement needs.


You may think: there are still good reasons why Dianabol legal status is pretty bad?

Well, yes, Dianabol is banned for such uses because is indeed capable to offer negative side effects. But then again, all even Over The Counter (OTC) medicines are still capable to offer negative side effects, as long as they are being abused. Same goes when talking about Dianabol (and any other steroid in general).

If you would abuse it and have an improper use, expect health issues and side effects. But when Dianabol is run properly, ask millions of people all over the world what kind of effects they can expect.

Dianabol is rightfully one of the most widely used steroid and most popular steroid for physique and performance enhancement.

If it would have been as dangerous as Dianabol legal status tries to suggest, then it wouldn’t have been so popular and so widely used, obviously.


Another big example of how actually Dianabol safe and efficient is, is Arnold Schwarzenegger – a reputable user of Dianabol who, as much as we know, is still healthy nowadays and the steroid helped him achieve the Mr. Olympia status back in his prime days.

If that’s not enough, go check Sergio Oliva.Another Mr. Olympia champion which is also known for using Dianabol and having amazing effects.

  • Yes, indeed, you may have heard of people who had serious health issues due to use of anabolic steroids, even including Dianabol, but then again, that’s because of lack of knowledge and abusing the compound. Anything abused is going to offer a really bad outcome.

That’s why, people may use Dianabol safely, but they also may get side effects. Regardless of Dianabol legal status,Danabol-50mg-balkan-Rebranding-e1550655123252 you could use this website to get best quality Dianabol products as Danabol. We make sure you get the best quality product for the extremely low prices.

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We just urge you to use Dianabol properly if you do plan using it because Dianabol is a powerful compound.

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